The Hanoi Project (ハノイプロジェクト Hanoi Purojekuto), also known as the Lost Incident (ロストけん Rosuto Jiken), is an event that occurred 10 years prior to the start of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.[1] Kiyoshi Kogami, a researcher at SOL Technologies, developed and executed the incident without the knowledge of his company.[2] This project resulted in the creation of the Ignis.[3]


10 years before the present, six children were kidnapped by a certain organization and went missing one-by-one. During those six months of captivity, the children were imprisoned separately in rooms with nothing but a VR equipment. They were forced to Duel in a virtual arena where if they did not win, they were electrocuted and starved. After the children were rescued, the incident was covered up.

In the aftermath of the incident, several of the children suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, with some taking years of therapy to recover while others have not recovered at all. As the person to whom the mysterious voice belonged to was not amongst the rescued, Yusaku believes they may still be captured.

The project's name is the main reason why Yusaku and Shoichi Kusanagi suspect the Knights of Hanoi of a major involvement in the incident and thus why they pursue them. Varis confirmed his knowledge of the incident during his Duel with Yusaku,[4] while Kiyoshi, Kyoko Taki, and Faust were all present during the incident, watching the victims' suffering.[3]

People Involved



Victim Effect Objective Status Ignis Age by the time of abduction
Yusaku Fujiki Post-traumatic stress disorder, strong desire for revenge Revenge against Hanoi Active Ai
Jin Kusanagi Heavy post-traumatic stress disorder Inactive Unknown
Spectre Started enjoying life, 'time started moving' for him Serve Varis Inactive Unknown
Unnamed child Flame Unknown
Two unnamed children Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown



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