Hand Destruction

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This article is about the card. For tips on the strategy, see: Hand destruction.
Hand Destruction
Flag of the United Kingdom English Hand Destruction
Flag of France French Destruction de Main
Flag of Germany German Handzerstörung
Flag of Italy Italian Distruggi-Mano
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Destruição de Mão
Flag of Spain Spanish Destrucción de Mano
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) てふだだんさつ
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) 手札断殺
Flag of Japan Phonetic Tefuda Dansatsu
Flag of Japan Translated Hand Severing
Flag of the United Kingdom Anime Hand of Destruction
Flag of the United Kingdom Other names Hand Collapse
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Quick-Play Quick-Play
Card Number 74519184
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