Half-Deck: Dark

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Half-Deck: Dark
Flag of the United Kingdom English
  • Half-Deck: Dark
Flag of Japan Japanese

ハーフデッキ 闇

Set information


  • HD13-JP (ja)
Number of cards

20 (OCG)

Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • July 20, 2013

Half-Deck: Dark

"Half-Deck: Dark", is a Half-Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is part of the "Half-Deck Free Gift" campaign, where one can either get a "Half-Deck: Light", "Half-Deck: Dark" or both for free.



  • 20 cards
  • 1 Playing Guide



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ハーフデッキ 闇
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category
HD13-JPD01 Summoned Skull デーモンの(しょう)(かん) Common 70781052 Normal Monster
HD13-JPD02 Zure, Knight of Dark World (あん)(こく)(かい)()() ズール Common 07459013 Normal Monster
HD13-JPD03 Dark Blade (やみ)()(かい)(せん)() ダークソード, (やみ)()(かい)(せん)() ダークソード Common 11321183 Normal Monster
HD13-JPD04 Hunter Dragon ハウンド・ドラゴン Common 96005454 Normal Monster
HD13-JPD05 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World (あん)(こく)(かい)(ばん)(ぺい) レンジ Common 60606759 Normal Monster
HD13-JPD06 Witch's Apprentice ()(なら)()(じょ) Common 80741828 Effect Monster
HD13-JPD07 Goblin Attack Force ゴブリン(とつ)(げき)()(たい) Common 78658564 Effect Monster
HD13-JPD08 Armed Ninja 青い(ブルー)(にん)(じゃ) Common 09076207 Flip Effect Monster
HD13-JPD09 Crimson Ninja 赤い(レッド)(にん)(じゃ), 赤い(レッド)(にん)(じゃ) Common 14618326 Flip Effect Monster
HD13-JPD10 Man-Eater Bug (ひと)()(ムシ), (ひと)()(ムシ) Common 54652250 Flip Effect Monster
HD13-JPD11 Fissure ()() Common 66788016 Normal Spell Card
HD13-JPD12 Shield Crush シールドクラッシュ Common 30683373 Normal Spell Card
HD13-JPD13 De-Spell ()(ほう)(じょ)(きょ) Common 19159413 Normal Spell Card
HD13-JPD14 Goblin's Secret Remedy ゴブリンの()(やく) Common 11868825 Normal Spell Card
HD13-JPD15 Hinotama ファイヤー・ボール Common 46130346 Normal Spell Card
HD13-JPD16 Black Pendant 黒いペンダント(ブラック・ペンダント) Common 65169794 Equip Spell Card
HD13-JPD17 Trap Hole ()とし(あな) Common 04206964 Normal Trap Card
HD13-JPD18 Widespread Ruin (ばん)(のう)()(らい)グレイモヤ Common 77754944 Normal Trap Card
HD13-JPD19 Reinforcements (えん)(ぐん) Common 17814387 Normal Trap Card
HD13-JPD20 Spellbinding Circle (ろく)(ぼう)(せい)(じゅ)(ばく) Common 18807108 Continuous Trap Card


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