"Guts Master" (ガッツマスター Gattsumasutā), is an archetype of FIRE Warrior monsters used by Skip Boyle in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.



The "Guts Master" monsters are designed after sportsmen, with the addition of elements related to fire. "Red" is based on a soccer player, "Fire" is based on a kenshi (a Kendo player) and "Heat" is based on a football player.


"Guts Master" refers to their user, Skip, who is always high-spirited and has "hotblooded" as his catchphrase. Their Attribute, FIRE, also reflects this.

Playing style

The "Guts Master" monsters work better with many members on the field, so many have effects that Special Summon other "Guts Master" monsters. They all seem to have effects that trigger when another "Guts Master" battles, which, when several "Guts Master" monsters are on the field, allow the user to keep field advantage over the opponent.