"Guardragon" (しゅりゅう Shugoryū) is a series of Dragon monsters that support Normal and Link Monsters, as well as help summon different Dragon monsters from the hand, Deck, Graveyard or Extra Deck.



The activation of the “World Legacy – World Wand” caused the final World Legacy, the “World Ark”, to start up. By its power, all of the World Legacies were reborn as “Guardragons”, and the battle to determine the fate of the world at last began to head to its conclusion…[1]


The Main Deck Monsters are named after the four classic cardinal virtues derived in Classical Greece by Plato, while the Link Monsters' names are derived from the theological virtues of Christianity. Together, these two collectively make up the seven heavenly virtues. All of the Guardragons' names are based on their origins in Greek. All of this only applies to the Guardragons released in the SAST Booster Pack.


Guardragon Name Origin Virtue Origin World Legacy Origin
Yustia Iustitiae Justice "World Chalice"
Elpy Elpis Hope "World Armor"
Pisty Pistis Faith "World Shield"
Agarpain Agape Charity "World Lance"
Garmides Charmides Temperance "World Crown"
Prominesis Phronesis Prudence "World Wand"
Andrake Andreia Courage "World Ark"


  • Each Guardragon is based on the World Legacy with the same jewel color. However, in the case of "Elpy" (orange) and "Pisty" (red), V Jump shows that both dragons have swapped color scheme with the World Legacy that they are based on. It is unknown if this is accidental or intentional.