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This OTK isn't difficult to plan so much as drawing all three copies of your "Guardian Eatos". This combo works best if is the second turn of the duel right after your opponent. This will almost ensure you have no monsters in your graveyard. The other benefit of going for this OTK is the versatility it offers.

Cards to pull this off:

Recommended cards to help pull this off:

  • "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole" is good to remove your opponent's monster whether it's in attack or in defense mode.
  • "Cyber Dragon" for if your opponent played a monster but remember to summon this one first if you do.
  • "Ancient Gear Cannon" for tributing for 500 damage and also locking trap card activation for the turn.
  • Equip Spell Cards that increase attack or deal more damage after combat is advised. You can also use "Hidden Armory" but you won't be able to Normal Summon that turn. This will not be a problem if you already have your copies of "Guardian Eatos" out since they will have been Special Summoned. If your opponent has even one monster in the graveyard (likely if the game has gone on a bit) you can remove the equip spell and banish his monster(s) for an attack boost. Even if you don't have the OTK available, you can do large amounts of damage this way.
  • "Soul Release" to remove your monsters from play, securing that you have no monster in your graveyard.

How to Pull off the OTK:

1. Clear the field as best as you can without putting monsters in your graveyard.

2. Special Summon three copies of "Guardian Eatos" to the field assuming you have no monsters in your graveyard.

3. Either equip one of them with an equip spell card to gain at least 500 ATK or deal at least 500 Direct Damage from another source you control.

4. Direct Attack with all your copies of "Guardian Eatos". So if you did only 500 damage before attacking their life would be 7500. The attacks would drop their life points to zero (2500 * 3 = 7500).

Weaknesses: This deck absolutely needs three copies of "Guardian Eatos" not only in your deck but in your hand. The other issue is making sure there are no monsters in your graveyard. As time will go by the chances of monster going to the graveyard is great so make sure you have cards to remove them from play should that occur.

"Gorz the Emissary of Darkness", "Battle Fader" and such cards completely neutralize this OTK.

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