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English name
  • Greiger
Japanese translated
  • Bommer

Undefeated Giant

  • Male
Manga Deck


Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Ride 8: "One-Shot Run"

Appears in
Greiger (manga)

Greiger, known as Bommer in the Japanese manga was a contestant in the D1GP and like his anime counterpart entered the tournament to seek revenge on someone who wronged him in the past.



5D-010 Defeat

Greiger loses to Jack.

Greiger became the Mid-American Champion and developed a reputation as the "Undefeated Giant". However he was beaten by Jack Atlas in a Duel, after which Jack ridiculed him and was unimpressed with the fight Greiger had put up.[1] Since then, Greiger has been set on getting revenge on Jack.[2]


A silhouette of him was seen when Lazar explained the type of people who will be competing in the D1 Grand Prix to Yusei.[3]

Greiger participates in the D1 Grand Prix. He was surprised when Jack patronizes the contestants, saying the Grand Prix seems to just be a consolation tournament.[2]

He faces Yusei Fudo in the first round and vowed to crush Yusei in order to get his rematch against Jack.[2] Greiger aimed for a One Turn Kill, which Yusei foiled. After Yusei started to put up a good fight, Greiger decided to bring out his "Sense Pressure", which he had been saving for Jack.[1]

Even though Greiger Summoned his ace: "Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird" and put up a good fight, he was ultimately defeated by Yusei's tactics. After the Duel, Greiger looks upon his destroyed Duel Runner and his loss as his own fault for basing his Dueling and Sense off of his revenge and anger at Jack, he then wishes Yusei best of luck in the rest of the tournament.[4]


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Jack Atlas 10 Lose (off-screen/flashback)
Yusei Fudo 9-11 Lose
Lazar 42 Lose (off-screen)[Notes 1]

In the manga, Greiger uses a Fusion/Burn Deck. He runs many cards which allow him to quickly Fusion Summon, such as "Extra Fusion" and "Fusion Charge", and his Fusion Monsters inflict heavy effect damage.

Manga Deck


  1. Lazar is shown to have imprisoned him in a card, which implies that he defeated him in a Duel in order to do so, as he did with Andre.


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