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English Greed
French Avidité
German Gier
Italian Avidità
Korean 그리드
Portuguese Ganância
Japanese グリード
Japanese (rōmaji) Gurīdo
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Continuous Continuous
Card Number 89405199
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    OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited
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    Facts about "Greed"RDF feed
    AttributeTrap +
    Attribute TextTrap +
    Card ImageGreedDR3-EN-SR-UE +
    Card Image TextGreedDR3-EN-SR-UE.png +
    Card Number89405199 +
    Card typeTrap Card + and Continuous Trap Card +
    Card type TextTrap Card + and Continuous Trap Card +
    Class 1Official +
    Class 4VG +
    Croatian namePohlepa +
    Database ID6,146 +
    Effect typeTrigger-like Effect +
    Effect type TextTrigger-like Effect +
    English database ID6,146 +
    English nameGreed +
    English name (linked)Greed +
    French database ID6,146 +
    French nameAvidité +
    GX02 StatusUnlimited +
    German database ID6,146 +
    German nameGier +
    Greek nameAπληστία +
    Italian database ID6,146 +
    Italian nameAvidità +
    Japanese database ID6,146 +
    Japanese kana nameグリード +
    Japanese loreカードの効果でドローを行ったプレイヤーは、そのターンのエンドフェイズ終了時にカードの効果でドローしたカードの枚数×500ポイントダメージを受ける。
    Japanese nameグリード +
    Korean name그리드
    Life PointsDamages you + and Damages your opponent +
    LoreEach time a player draws cards because of a card effect, they take 500 damage during the End Phase for each card drawn by the card effect.
    MediumGX02 +, NTR +, WC6 +, WC08 +, TCG + and OCG +
    Monster typeNo Entry +
    Monster type TextNo Entry +
    NTR StatusUnlimited +
    OCG StatusUnlimited +
    Page nameGreed +
    Page typeCard page +
    Phonetic nameGurīdo +
    Portuguese nameGanância +
    Romaji nameGurīdo +
    Ruby Japanese nameグリード
    S/T ClassContinuous Trap Card +
    Spanish database ID6,146 +
    TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
    TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
    TypesContinuous +
    Vietnamese nameLòng Tham +
    WC08 StatusUnlimited +
    WC6 StatusUnlimited +

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