"Gouki" is an archetype of EARTH Warrior monsters used by Gore in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. They debuted in Code of the Duelist.


Gouki (anime)

Gore with "Gouki The Great Ogre" and "Suprex in the anime.


"Gouki" have wrestling themes in design and name, shown in the fact that they wear tights and golden championship belts. While each of the Main Deck monsters are based on an animal, the Extra Deck monsters are based on Ogres which they draw heavy elements from. Their championship belts have the face of their themed animal, and their helmets fit the theme of their animal as well. They are also suited up in padded armor and wield weapons. They possess a predominantly single colored theme. So far, the Main Deck monsters each have a primary/secondary color while the Link Monsters are a neutral color. These monsters resemble, in terms of style, the "Elemental HEROes".


"Gouki" (剛鬼) can be translated as "strong ogre". The Main Deck "Gouki" monsters are named after wrestling moves, such as Suplex, and then their appearance is based off an animal whose name is in the wrestling move name, being based off of their respective animal, or creates a pun based off that animal's name, that phonetically sounds in their romaji, such as "Gouki Suprex" being a pun on T-Rex (SupREX).


Main Deck

Gouki Origin
Animal Wrestling Move
Doubleteam Wild Boar Double-team
Headbatt Bat Headbutt
Bearhug Bear Bear hug
Moonsault Rabbit Moonsault
Octostretch Octopus Octopus stretch
Riscorpio Scorpion Scorpio rising
Suprex Tyrannosaurus Suplex
Trainer N/A N/A
Twistcobra Cobra Cobra twist

Extra Deck

Gouki Origin
Destroy Ogre The Destroyer
Jet Ogre Tiger Jeet Singh
Shadow Ogre Shadow WX
The Giant Ogre Giant Baba
The Great Ogre The Great Sasuke
The Master Ogre Chris Masters
Thunder Ogre Jyushin Thunder Liger


Card Origin
Gouki Deathmatch Steel cage
Gouki Face Turn Face turn
Gouki Rematch Rematch clause

Playing style

The "Gouki" monsters seem to focus on a straightforward aggressive strategy, using effects to increase their ATKs or decrease the opponent's. The Main Deck monsters have 0 DEF, being immune to the effect of "Gouki The Great Ogre", who, in turn, has no DEF; that makes it so that they generally have an advantage over the opponent's monsters' ATKs, since those will be reduced while their own won't.

The Main Deck monsters all have the effect "If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can add 1 "Gouki" card from your Deck to your hand, except [itself]", replacing thenselves when used as Link and Synchro Materials, or used with cards like "Transmodify" and "Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane".


While the “Gouki” focuses on straightforward aggressive strategy, the Main Deck monsters have 0 DEF, excluding “Gouki” Link Monsters, which have no DEF at all to begin with. Using cards such as “No Entry!!”, “Earthquake”, and “Quaking Mirror Force on the Main Deck members be caused problems to the archetype, especially with “Quaking Mirror Force” since it would prevent them from being used as Link Materials for a Link Summon. This makes the Main Deck members easily destroyed if they ever forced to be switched to Defense Positions, especially if the monster has piercing effects.

Blackwing - Jin the Rain Shadow is a problem for the Main Deck monsters due to its effect to destroy any monster whose DEF is lower than its ATK. Link Monsters have no problem with “Jin the Rain Shadow” due to not having any DEF at all.

All of the “Gouki” monster will have difficulty problems with “Superheavy Samurai” monsters, as some of monsters are capable of attacking while in Defense Position, in which case their DEF is applied for Damage Calculation.

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Official Decklist

"Gouki" deck[1]


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