Golden Castle of Stromberg

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Golden Castle of Stromberg
Flag of the United Kingdom English Golden Castle of Stromberg
Flag of France French Château Doré de Stromberg
Flag of Germany German Goldenes Schloss von Stromberg
Flag of Italy Italian Castello Dorato di Stromberg
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Castelo Dourado de Stromberg
Flag of Spain Spanish Castillo Dorado de Stromberg
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) シュトロームベルクのきんのしろ
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) シュトロームベルクの金の城
Flag of Japan Phonetic Shutorōmuberuku no Kin no Shiro
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Field Field
Card descriptions
Description The lore listed here describes this card's effects after being modified by Zigfried von Schroeder; its original lore is unknown.
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