Gold Series 3

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Gold Series 3
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  • Gold Series 3
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Collection Gold 3

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Gold Series 3

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Serie Oro 3

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Serie Dorada 3

Set information


  • GLD3-EN (en)
  • GLD3-FR (fr)
  • GLD3-DE (de)
  • GLD3-IT (it)
  • GLD3-SP (es)
Number of cards


Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • June 23, 2010
English (eu)
  • June 17, 2010
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • June 17, 2010

Gold Series 3

This is the TCG version of the OCG Gold Series 2010, and contains different cards. This set was preceded by Gold Series 2009 in the TCG. It is followed by Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition in the TCG. It is the only Gold Series not to have a SJC/SJCS reprint in the set.


25 cards per pack, 5 packs per box, 10 boxes per case. Every pack contains 22 Commons and 3 Gold Rare cards

The set includes 45 cards. This is comprised of:



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Gold Series 3
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Set number Name Rarity Card number Category
GLD3-EN001 Mist Valley Watcher Common 29054481 Normal Monster
GLD3-EN002 Vice Dragon Gold Rare 54343893 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN003 Amazoness Archer Common 91869203 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN004 Amazoness Paladin Common 47480070 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN005 Amazoness Fighter Common 55821894 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN006 Amazoness Swords Woman Common 94004268 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN007 Amazoness Blowpiper Common 73574678 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN008 Amazoness Tiger Common 10979723 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN009 Destiny Hero - Malicious Common 09411399 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN010 Freya, Spirit of Victory Common 12398280 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN011 Nova Summoner Common 48783998 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN012 Exploder Dragon Gold Rare 20586572 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN013 Goblin Zombie Common 63665875 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN014 Elemental HERO Prisma Gold Rare 89312388 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN015 Dimensional Alchemist Gold Rare 36733451 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN016 Judgment Dragon Gold Rare 57774843 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN017 Amazoness Chain Master Common 29654737 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN018 Mezuki Gold Rare 92826944 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN019 Plaguespreader Zombie Gold Rare 33420078 Tuner monster
GLD3-EN020 Thunder King Rai-Oh Gold Rare 71564252 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN021 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind Gold Rare 02009101 Tuner monster
GLD3-EN022 Blackwing - Bora the Spear Common 49003716 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN023 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn Common 75498415 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN024 Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North Common 22835145 Tuner monster
GLD3-EN025 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame Common 58820853 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN026 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow Common 85215458 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN027 Infernity Archfiend Gold Rare 99177923 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN028 Infernity Dwarf Common 25171661 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN029 Infernity Guardian Common 51566770 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN030 Reese the Ice Mistress Common 30276969 Tuner monster
GLD3-EN031 Numbing Grub in the Ice Barrier Common 92065772 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN032 Mist Condor Common 65549080 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN033 Mist Valley Windmaster Common 92933195 Tuner monster
GLD3-EN034 Worm Falco Common 58760121 Flip Effect Monster
GLD3-EN035 Worm Gulse Common 85754829 Effect Monster
GLD3-EN036 Worm Hope Common 11159464 Flip Effect Monster
GLD3-EN037 Stardust Dragon Gold Rare 44508094 Synchro Monster
GLD3-EN038 Blackwing Armor Master Gold Rare 69031175 Synchro Monster
GLD3-EN039 Blackwing Armed Wing Gold Rare 76913983 Synchro Monster
GLD3-EN040 Mystical Space Typhoon Gold Rare 05318639 Quick-Play Spell Card
GLD3-EN041 My Body as a Shield Gold Rare 69279219 Quick-Play Spell Card
GLD3-EN042 Smashing Ground Gold Rare 97169186 Normal Spell Card
GLD3-EN043 Enemy Controller Gold Rare 98045062 Quick-Play Spell Card
GLD3-EN044 Destiny Draw Common 45809008 Normal Spell Card
GLD3-EN045 Black Whirlwind Common 91351370 Continuous Spell Card
GLD3-EN046 Amazoness Archers Common 67987611 Normal Trap Card
GLD3-EN047 Dramatic Rescue Common 80193355 Normal Trap Card
GLD3-EN048 Magical Arm Shield Common 96008713 Normal Trap Card
GLD3-EN049 Icarus Attack Gold Rare 53567095 Normal Trap Card
GLD3-EN050 Aegis of Gaia Common 47060347 Continuous Trap Card

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