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A Goat Control Deck centers around using "Metamorphosis" on "Magician of Faith" or a "Sheep Token" to summon "Thousand-Eyes Restrict". "Tsukuyomi" is also a vital card to this Deck, as it allows you to re-use "Thousand-Eyes Restrict's" effect.

Goat Control Decks became practically dead after the September 2005 banlists, when "Scapegoat", "Metamorphosis" and "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" were all Limited. After the September 2006 banlist, the Deck became completely obsolete in the Advanced Format, since both "Tsukuyomi" and "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" became Forbidden. "Magician of Faith" and "Metamorphosis" have also been Forbidden since.

In the September 2012 banlist, "Tsukuyomi" returned to Limited, but other key cards of the deck, such as "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", remain Forbidden which makes this deck still unplayable in the Advanced Format.

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