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"Ghostrick" monsters in the artwork of "Ghostrick Parade".

  • ゴーストリック
  • Gōsutorikku (romanized)


  • Fantôruse


  • Geistertrick


  • Fantasmatrucco


  • 고스트릭
  • Goseuteurik (romanized)


  • Fantardil


  • Fantastruco


Anime appearances

"Ghostrick" (ゴーストリック Gōsutorikku) is an archetype of DARK monsters that debuted in Shadow Specters. This archetype is composed of nineteen monsters (eight Zombie-Types, five Fiend & Spellcaster-Types each, and one Fairy-Type).



"Ghostrick" monsters are based on, and named after, various characters of folklore and Halloween monsters.


"Ghostrick" is a portmanteau of the words "ghost" and "trick".


Ghostrick Origin Level/Rank
Alucard Count Alucard/Dracula 3
Angel of Mischief Fallen angel 4
Doll Bisque doll 2
Dullahan Dullahan 1
Ghoul Ghoul 3
Jackfrost Jack Frost 1
Jiangshi Jiangshi 3
Lantern Jack-o'-lantern 1
Mary Bloody Mary 1
Mummy Mummy 3
Nekomusume Nekomusume 2
Skeleton Grim Reaper 3
Socuteboss Succubus 2
Specter Ghost 1
Stein Frankenstein's monster 3
Warwolf Werewolf 3
Witch Witch 2
Yeti Yeti 3
Yuki-onna Yuki-onna 2

Playing style

All of the non-Xyz Monsters introduced thus far have a common effect:
"Cannot be Normal Summoned, unless you control a "Ghostrick" monster. Once per turn: You can change this card to face-down Defense Position".

Also, the Xyz Monsters, except for "Ghostrick Socuteboss" and "Ghostrick Angel of Mischief", share the following common effect:
"If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 other "Ghostrick" card in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand".

All of the field spells share the same starting effect:

"Monsters cannot attack face-down Defense Position monsters, but can attack directly if all monsters their opponent controls are face-down Defense Position."

"Ghostricks" are either Level (or Rank) 1 Fiend, 2 Spellcaster, or 3 Zombie-Type Monsters, with one Xyz Monster corresponding to each Level combination, except for "Ghostrick Angel of Mischief", who is a rank 4 Fairy-type Monster.

They feature a variety of effects, mostly revolving around flipping monsters face-down (both yours and your opponent's) and protecting themselves as long as they are face-down. The three strata of monsters each follow a set of general effect guidelines:

  • The Level 2 monsters have effects related to Battle Position control, allowing you to search for a monster or stall your opponent's moves; they share a feminine appearance.
  • The Level 3 monsters all provide useful bonuses while they are face-up or when flipped face-up. Their effects range from searching to burning, or even milling your opponent's deck or giving bulk to a "Ghostrick" monster; their motif is basically of male figures of Halloween and Folklore.

The deck's main goal is to produce strong attackers over a prolonged game, which can attack directly using the field spells "Ghostrick Mansion", "Ghostrick Museum" though the archetype also contains elements of Milling, Burning, Lockdown and most recently an Alternative Win Condition.

Most of the Ghostrick monsters aren't strong by themselves (the normal-summonable monsters cap at 1600 ATK, thus they're left relying heavily on getting "Ghostrick Mansion" (which can be searched with "Ghostrick Stein" and "Ghostrick Angel of Mischief") on the board as soon as possible in order to launch several consecutive direct attacks early in the game. Since "Mansion" also protects any face-down monsters from attacks, it is easy to repeatedly activate Ghostrick monster's effects like "Ghostrick Jiangshi" and "Ghostrick Witch". "Ghostrick Scare" and "Swords of Concealing Light" are also useful in this deck to provide disruptions and lockdown, respectively. "Swords of Concealing Light" also serves as good set-up for direct attacks when paired with "Ghostrick Mansion" and allows you to take down strong monsters with "Ghostrick Alucard". "Ghostrick Jackfrost" and "Ghostrick Lantern" add more defenses to this deck, and are most valuable when the "Mansion" isn't available.

The field spells provide three different ways to play.

"Ghostrick Parade" is heavily considered a set-up card. While the drawback being that your opponent takes 0 damage while this card is on the field, it allows you to add a Ghostrick Card when a direct attack is declared by your opponent. While this may seem like a bad trade-off, this searching field spell allows one to do things such as grab "Ghostrick Mansion" or "Ghostrick Museum" as well as monsters from the deck. A good combo with Parade's effect is grabbing "Ghostrick Mary", as off the damage you will be able to use her effect and special summon any Ghostrick monster from your deck, face-down defense.

"Ghostrick Mansion" is the main Ghostrick "Field Spell" if wanting to inflict damage. It has the same starting effect as the other two, but all damage is halved, except for battle damage inflicted by Ghostricks. This provides a good attacking stance for Ghostricks, as they can attack over face-down monsters the opponent might have to begin poking with damage.

"Ghostrick Musuem" is one of the least used field spells. It has the same stipulation as the others, but also tacks on that the controller can't use monsters besides "Ghostricks" to attack. It's effect flips monsters into face-down defense that deal battle damage into face-down defense and can be used to help protect Ghostrick Xyz monsters, as they don't share the flip-down effect that non-Xyz ghostricks have.

Even without Field Spells, this deck has interesting deck thinning capabilities. "Ghostrick Skeleton" can be used to banish up to 5 cards face down from your opponent's Deck, and if your opponent allows you to repeat this each turn can devastate. Since the cards are face down, even Decks that benefit from banished cards, such as Chaos or "Tyranno Infinity" Dinosaurs, cannot gain their banished monsters effect or count them to the total banished monsters.

Arguably, the best beater of the deck is "Ghostrick Ghoul", which works much like "Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn," albeit only lasting until the opponents end phase. The Xyz monsters "Ghostrick Dullahan" and "Ghostrick Alucard" also provide nice, easy to summon beaters that support the other members with powerful and aggressive effects. Also, these two recover a "Ghostrick" card from the Graveyard when destroyed, to help maintain Card Advantage. In addition, "Ghostrick Socuteboss" provides excellent support by destroying a monster once per turn whose ATK is lower than the combined ATK of all "Ghostricks" in play — and rendering its vacant card zone unusable. Combined with "Ghoul", this can make for lasting board wipe, though it may take time to be effective.

The deck has useful, albeit limited swarming capabilities as well, with "Ghostrick Mummy" allowing extra summons, "Ghostrick Doll" providing decent monster search (plus battle position rotation), "Ghostrick Mary," which can summon any "Ghostrick" in the deck whenever you take damage, "Ghostrick Break", which can summon two "Ghostrick" from the Graveyard when exactly 1 "Ghostrick" monster is destroyed(by battle or by effect). In spite of all this, the deck does best with outside swarm options reinforcing the Xyz monsters ("Speedroid Terrortop and Speedroid Taketomberg" to quickly Summon "Alucard", "Kinka-byo" for "Dullahan" etc).

The deck contains a few archetype-specific safe cards: "Ghostrick Vanish", making "Ghostrick" cards(including fields and traps) and face-down monsters non-targetable and non-destroyable by card effects, and "Ghostrick Scare", to counteract opposing monsters' effects and battle phases.

When the archetype safe-cards don't work, the deck also has a "Call of the Haunted" Card in the form of "Ghostrick Break" This allows for exactly one face-up Ghostrick monster that is destroyed by the opponent and sent to your grave, you can special summon 2 Ghostrick monsters who don't have the same name as the monster destroyed in face-down defense position. This allows for the deck to have some sort of recovery, and allows for combinations with Ghostrick-Go-Round, a continuous trap that flips a monster you control(in face down defense position) To face up attack position, (and if its a ghostric) then allows you to flip a monster your opponent controls face-down. It also has the opposite effect, but only one effect can be used per turn.

Some non-"Ghostrick" cards that may help the Deck include "Grave of the Super Ancient Organism", "Dark Armed Dragon" and "Pot of Dichotomy". The first is capable of completely shut down Decks that have powerful Nomi/Semi-Nomi monsters as key cards, such as "Stardust Dragon", "Judgment Dragon", "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning", "Gishki Zielgigas" etc, while keeping the "Ghostrick" Deck itself untouched. The second one can give this Deck more muscle and Field-wiping capabilities, making it so the deck doesn't depend only on "Ghostrick Ghoul" to have a beater; however, it will be useless if used in conjunction with "Grave of the Super Ancient Organism". "Pot of Dichotomy" can recycle "Ghostrick" monsters and skipping the Battle Phase is not a very huge problem, since the Deck relies most on setting the monsters and using their trigger effects, activated upon their Flip Summon. "Gozen Match" can be used to Stall even more and "Masked Chameleon" can give the Deck more flexibility, allowing you to perform Synchro Summons, by Summoning "Ghostrick Specter" or "Ghostrick Mummy".

Recommended Cards

Basic Ghostrick

Recommended Cards

Zombie Ghostrick

Most of Ghostrick monsters are Zombies, so it's possible to use support for it in this Deck. "Skull Conductor" can be used to summon "Mummy" + "Des Lacooda" or "Jiangshi" / "Plaguespreader" / "Painter" + "Stein" / "Bone Crusher" for a Xyz or Synchro Summon.

Recommended Cards

Ghostrick Burn

This Deck focus on lock your opponent's moves and causing effect damage. "Ghostrick Museum" is the only recommended Field as it's the only to not affect the damage.

Recommended Cards

Ghostrick Mill

This Deck focus on milling your opponent's Deck and win by Deck out. "Ghostrick Parade" is the only recommended Field because of its searching effect and damage to your opponent is unecessary. Note that sending cards to your opponent's Graveyard may help their strategy, so "Ghostrick Skeleton" and "Masked HERO Dark Law" are used to banish the cards instead.

Recommended Cards

"Ghostrick" Deck recipes sample



Despite this archetype's unorthodox "bait and switch" — like tactics, "Ghostricks" have many weaknesses.

  • First, cards like "Dark Simorgh", "Searchlightman", "Light of Intervention" prevent "Ghostrick" monsters from being Set or flipped face-down in first place. Cards like "Jurrac Velphito" and "Search Striker" are also dangerous to "Ghostricks" because they destroy face-down monsters immediately without them ever flipping face-up.
  • The 6 Reptile elemental field wipers: "Destruction Cyclone", "Firestorm Prominence", "Silent Abyss", "Radiant Spirit", "Raging Earth", and "Umbral Soul" can also be devastating to a Ghostrick Deck. as they all have 2000 attack and 1500 defense, making them difficult to destroy in the first place, and when they are destroyed, they also destroy any card that is face down, along with anything that does not have the same element as them (WIND, FIRE, WATER, LIGHT, EARTH, and DARK respectively). While this makes "Umbral Soul" slightly less damaging than the others, even it still remains a major threat.
  • Other cards which prevent battle position changes, whether of the "Ghostrick" player's monsters or the opponent's, such as "Gaap the Divine Soldier" and "Gravity Axe - Grarl" can halt most, though often not all, of the "Ghostrick" player's moves. In addition, a monster Summoned by "Raging Cloudian" will be nearly impossible for the "Ghostrick" player to get rid of.
  • "Goblin Fan" is a continuous trap that can destroy any monster card that is Level 2 or below the second it's Flip-summoned. This includes about 2/3 of the Ghostrick monsters, and since many of them rely on their Flip effects, rather than raw power, this one trap card can be devastating to any Ghostrick user's strategy.
  • Most "Ghostricks" depends on their Field Spell Cards, "Ghostrick Mansion" or "Ghostrick Museum", to deal damage, and will struggle to do much Battle damage to your opponent without it, due to most of them having low ATK stats. This can be even worse with cards like "Spell Shattering Arrow" and "Eradicator Epidemic Virus" around.


  • The "Ghostrick" monster's battle-flipping effects resemble the activities of children pranksters or mischievous spirits: popping out and scaring people, then running away and hiding. This is underscored by the archetype name "Ghostrick" a blatant portmanteau of the words "ghost" and "trick".
  • The "Ghostrick" archetype was originally released in Shadow Specters, which debuted in the U.S. in November 2013, and may have been intended to coincide with the celebration of Halloween. The "Ghostrick" monsters are largely based on mythological creatures that children in the western world would dress up as for Halloween (witch, ghost, Jack-O'-Lantern, Frankenstein's Monster, Mummy, etc.), and their playstyle (as described above) mirrors the tradition of trick-or-treating.
  • "Ghostrick" monsters' artworks share the background scheme with the "Lightsworn"s, as they have the same concept of patterning.

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