Genesis Omega Dragon

Genesis Omega Dragon




Jeneshisu Omega Doragon

Japanese translated

Genesis Omega Dragon

"Genesis Omega Dragon" (GENESISジェネシスOMEGAオメガDRAGONドラゴン Jeneshisu Omega Doragon)[1], or "G.O.D." (G・O・Dゴッド Goddo), is a mysterious card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

It is described as the ultimate monster with the power to decide the fate of the world. It was foretold that the one who has the card will destroy the world, and so Yuya and his other personalities are searching for the card to prevent that from happening. To aid in this quest, Yuya's hideout has a special computer that will automatically notify him when someone puts information about the card on the internet.[2]



"Genesis Omega Dragon" manifesting as a card in the real world.

At some point in the future, Leo Akaba and Yusho Sakaki were conducting research in Solid Vision with Mass. During one of Leo's experiments to create an artificial virtual dimension in the real world, a worm hole opened between the real world and the space between dimensions, which Reiji Akaba claims that this monster came from.[3]

When he first appears before Yuya and Reiji, Ren explained that the "G.O.D." card was currently in Eve's possession, and that their objective is its true awakening - for which the powers known as the Adam Factor and Eve Factor are necessary.[1]

It is revealed that at some point in time, when Ren crashed during a Turbo Duel and started dying, he had a vision of two demonic eyes staring at him. After this, time seemed to reverse, causing Ren to not crash and win the duel. Once the duel was over, Eve appeared before Ren and told him that he had been chosen by G.O.D. Ren lived a prosperous life for another 60 years, and when he was about to die again, Eve told him that from that point on, he will work for G.O.D. He explained to Yuya that G.O.D. reaches out to unfulfilled human desires and rolls back time.


  • Obviously, this card's name is a play on the english word "god" to emphasize its immeasurable power.


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