Gearspring Counter




Japanese (romanized)

Nejimaki Kauntā

Japanese (translated)

Clockwork Counter


Gearspring Counter

Gearspring Counter, known as Clockwork Counter in the Japanese version, is a type of counter used by the Gearspring series. Gearspring Counters are usually placed on a Continuous Spell Card during each Standby Phase, or by the effect of a card (such as Automatic Gearspring Machine).

In the anime, Gearspring Counters are represented by a number counter on the cards that spawn them.

The following cards use Gearspring Counters:

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeLevelTypeATKDEF
Automatic Gearspring Machine自動ネジマキ機Spell Card
Gearspring CatapultネジマキのカタパルトSpell Card
Gearspring Exploderネジマキの爆弾Trap Card
Gearspring Spirit (anime)ネジマキシキガミMonster CardDARK8Machine100100

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