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Gearspring Counter, known as Clockwork Counter in the Japanese version, is a type of counter used by the Gearspring series. Gearspring Counters are usually placed on a Continuous Spell Card during each Standby Phase, or by the effect of a card (such as Automatic Gearspring Machine).

In the anime, Gearspring Counters are represented by a number counter on the cards that spawn them.

The following cards use Gearspring Counters:

  Japanese name Card type Attribute Level Type ATK DEF
Automatic Gearspring Machine 自動ネジマキ機 Continuous Spell Card Spell Card
Gearspring Catapult ネジマキのカタパルト Continuous Spell Card Spell Card
Gearspring Exploder ネジマキの爆弾 Normal Trap Card Trap Card
Gearspring Spirit ネジマキシキガミ Effect Monster DARK 8 Machine 100 100

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