Gate Guardian
  • Japanese: ゲート・ガーディアン
  • Romaji: Gēto Gādian

3500 / ???[note 1]

Effect type

Not a physical card, but "Sanga of the Thunder", "Kazejin" and "Suijin" played together.

"Gate Guardian" has the following effects while "Sanga of the Thunder", "Suijin" and "Kazejin" are in play. If one of the components is destroyed, it retains these effects.
● "Gate Guardian" can attack monsters anywhere in the labyrinth.
● Components can attack together or individually.
● "Kazejin" and "Suijin" can negate or counter attacks directed at other components of "Gate Guardian".
● If "Suijin" or "Kazejin" is controlled by the opponent, it can negate or counter attacks from "Gate Guardian".

Manga cards (Galleries: Yu-Gi-Oh!)



  1. 3500 was the ATK when "Sanga of the Thunder" and "Kazejin" attacked together, after their respective ATK were raised to 3250 and 3000. This might not have been the usual combined ATK of "Gate Guardian".

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