There are two game states during the Duel, "open" and "closed".

Whenever a player performs an action, the game state is "closed". If nothing is going on, and neither player wishes to do anything, the game state is "open". Technically, this means:

  1. The Turn Player has the chance to activate the next fast effect
  2. The turn player passes to the opponent
  3. The opponent then passes back
  4. No Chain is currently being formed

The game state is "open".

If the game state is "open", the turn player may perform any of the following actions, when appropriate:

If the game state is "closed", then only fast effects can be activated, dependent on Fast Effect Timing rules.

Any wrong action or error in play will break the game state; whether or not the game state can be repaired can mean the difference between a Warning and a Game Loss.

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