"Gadget" (ガジェット Gajetto) is an archetype of Level 4 Machine-Type monsters.

There are two main groups of "Gadget" cards. The first is the colored "Gadgets": "Green Gadget", "Red Gadget", "Yellow Gadget", "Gold Gadget", and "Silver Gadget". The second group; which contains "Gadget Arms", "Gadget Hauler", and "Gadget Driver", supports the "Morphtronic" archetype. They are used by Yugi Muto and Leo, respectively.


Gadget Trap Monster
Gold Metalhold the Moving Blockade
Green Stronghold the Moving Fortress

Playing style

The most common way to play "Gadget" archetype is to use it with "Machina" cards. A Machina Gadget deck focuses on bringing out "Machina Fortress" on to the field, generating a constant stream of Gadget monsters through "Red", "Green" and "Yellow Gadget" and maintaining advantage over the opponent. With the advent of "Gold Gadget and Silver Gadget, the player can get another "Gadget" monster on to the field more quickly.

Main Deck monsters

The most important monsters of the Deck is obviously the colored "Gadgets" since they can fill up your hand with another Level 4 "Gadget" and swarm the field.

Some monsters that helps swarming further include:

  • "Kagetokage" and "Tin Goldfish". The player can then Xyz Summon "Gear Gigant X" to add another "Gadget" or "Machina Gearframe" from the Deck to the hand.
  • "Speedroid Menko" can help you to buy some time for setting up if there are no monsters on the field and you do not have any "Gadget" monsters in your hand.
  • "Maxx C" lets you draw a card whenever they Special Summon a monster(s).

Extra Deck monsters

As for Synchros, you can use "Turbo Synchron" and go for a "Stardust Spark Dragon" or "Ally of Justice Catastor".

"Missus Radiant" can help boost the ATK of "Machina" monsters as well as add 1 EARTH monster from the GY to your hand. "Proxy Dragon" helps protect a card you control from destruction by destroying a card it points to instead. "Trigate Wizard" offers double battle damage and protection from effects, as well as removal of a potentially dangerous card.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards


While this Deck can be strong, cards like "System Down" and "Acid Rain" will destroy all three "Gadgets" and all "A-to-Z" monsters. "Malfunction", "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Royal Decree", and "Trap Reactor・Y FI" (which also inflicts burn damage) would prevent "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" from appearing in the field. Sliding cards like "Imperial Order" and "Imperial Custom" (try to get this card out instead) can counter these cards.

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