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Gold Rare

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Gold Rare

Gold Rare (ゴールドレア Gōrudo Rea), or simply Gold, is a rarity introduced in and exclusive to the Gold Series series of packs. A Gold Rare card has gold foil over the card name and holographic gold foil artwork like an Ultra Rare, but also features gold foil over the artwork frame, text border, and card border. Starting from Gold Series 3 in the TCG, Monster Cards also feature gold foil over the Level/Rank stars, similar to an Ultimate Rare. Additionally, starting from Premium Gold, all Gold Rare cards have a golden prismatic foil pattern over the card names (similar to Prismatic Secret Rare), rather than 'flat' gold foil. In the OCG, all Gold Rare cards from the first Gold Series onward have always had gold foil over the Level/Rank stars (for monsters) and a prismatic foil pattern over the card name.

Two variants of Gold Rares exist: Gold Secret Rares (introduced in Gold Series 2013 in the OCG and in Premium Gold in the TCG) feature the Secret Rare textured pattern over the gold foil, and Ghost/Gold Rares (exclusive to Gold Series: Haunted Mine in the TCG) feature the hologram-like artwork of a Ghost Rare card in place of the gold-foiled artwork.



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