Treaty on Uniform Nomenclature
English Treaty on Uniform Nomenclature
French Traité sur l'Uniformité
German Abkommen zur Namensgleichheit
Italian Trattato sulla Nomenclatura Uniforme
Korean 동성동명동맹 조약
Portuguese Tratado de Nomenclatura Uniforme
Spanish Tratado de Nomenclatura Uniforme
Japanese (kana) どうせいどうめいどうめいじょうやく
Japanese (base) 同姓同名同盟条約
Japanese (rōmaji) Dōsei Dōmei Dōmei Jōyaku
Japanese (translated) Uniform Nomenclature's Treaty of Alliance
Card type Trap TRAP.svg
Property Normal Normal.svg
Passcode 13685271
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