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Frog Family, known as A Frog's House (カエル一家) in the Japanese version, is the ninth Duel Puzzle in Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship 2006.


  1. "Excavation of Mage Stones" is activated by discarding "Treeborn Frog" and "T.A.D.P.O.L.E.". "Polymerization" is returned to the player's hand.
  2. "Treeborn Frog" is Tributed to Tribute Summon "Des Frog".
  3. The effect of "Des Frog" is used to Special Summon another "Des Frog" from the Deck.
  4. "Polymerization" is used to Fusion Summon "D.3.S. Frog", whose ATK increases to 4000.
  5. "Double Attack" is activated by discarding "Koitsu". "D.3.S. Frog" is selected as the target.
  6. The player attacks twice with "D.3.S. Frog".

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