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"D.3.S. Frog", three "Treeborn Frogs" and three "Des Frogs"

  • ガエル
  • Gaeru (romanized)


  • (pinyin)
  • Waa1 (jyutping)


  • Grenouille


  • Frosch


  • RANA


  • 개구리
  • Gaeguri (romanized)


  • Sapo


  • RANA


Anime appearances

"Frog" (ガエル Gaeru) is an archetype of WATER Aqua-Type monsters that debuted in Cybernetic Revolution. This archetype is the first WATER archetype and the first Aqua-Type archetype. Princess Rose uses this archetype in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.

"Froggy Forcefield" is not a "Frog" card, because it does not have 「ガエル」 in its Japanese name. "Slime Toad", originally known as "Frog the Jam", is also not a "Frog" card because of its Japanese name, and was renamed to clarify this.

Playing style

Though weak, "Frog" cards can unleash devastating effects that include rapid Summoning, the option to increase their ATK or protect themselves from destruction, and wiping out all cards the opponent controls. Many "Frog" cards have low Levels, which lets them benefit from cards like "Gravity Bind", "Pride of the Weak" and "Graceful Revival".

Frog Decks use the Field Spell "Wetlands" that increases the ATK of all Level 2 or lower WATER/Aqua Monsters by 1200. Frogs can use "T.A.D.P.O.L.E." (which allows you to add up to 2 more copies of itself from your deck to your hand when destroyed by battle), "Substitoad" (Traditional Format), "Flip Flop Frog", "Treeborn Frog" (though you can't Special Summon him with "Wetlands" out), "Froggy Forcefield", and "Dupe Frog" to stall while building up combos. "Beelze Frog" can gain up to 2100 ATK with all 3 "T.A.D.P.O.L.E." in the Graveyard, a sizeable amount for a Level 3 monster. "Mermaid Archer" is also useful with Frogs, since all Frogs except for "Des Frog" are Level 3 or lower. "Star Boy" can power up Frogs in a flash; even with only "Wetlands" and its own effect, it has 2250 ATK. "Unifrog" can be used to make direct attacks, having 1600 ATK while "Wetlands" is active, and can also destroy an opponent's Spell/Trap Card if you control another Frog.

Because this Deck often heavily revolves around "Wetlands" and easily swarms the field with Frogs for Tribute fodder, it can easily accommodate an "Earthbound Immortal". "Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua" works superbly because its effect lets it deal damage even with cards like "Gravity Bind" active. "Earthbound Immortals" that require Tributes for their effects, such as "Earthbound Immortal Uru", also have great synergy with the Frogs' aforementioned swarming power.

One card that kept "Frogs" versatile and powerful was "Substitoad", but after Frog FTK won the 2010 World Championships, it was Forbidden, so many "Frog" Decks lost their supreme speed. "One for One" allows easy Summoning of "Substitoad", so a Normal Summon/Set is not spent to get "Substitoad" out.

"Fishborg Blaster" (Traditional Format only) and "Deep Sea Diva" are good Tuners to include in a Frog Deck; they are easily Special Summoned and benefit from "Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord", "Water Hazard" and other WATER support. "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier" is another effective Tuner, as "Wetlands" grants him 2500 ATK. "Dewdark of the Ice Barrier" also works thanks to his ability to attack directly while you only control Level 2 or lower monsters, which is easily manageable with the Frogs teamed up with "Wetlands" in this Deck.

Frog FTK/OTK Decks

Frog Burn FTK/Mass Driver FTK (Traditional)

This FTK is hard to stop, and relatively easy to pull off. First, you need to get a "Substitoad" on the field (easy with "One for One" or "Swap Frog" + "Salvage"). Then, you just need another monster on the field as fodder for his effect. At that point, dump as many Frogs as you possibly can into your Graveyard (cards like "Banisher of the Light" and "Dimensional Fissure" are the bane of this strategy). If you have three copies of "Ronintoadin" in your Deck, there is a very good chance that if he's not already in your hand, he will be very soon, likewise with "Mass Driver" (Traditional Only). All you need to do now is get "Ronintoadin" in the Graveyard, either by "Swap Frog's" effect or by other means (Magical Merchant), and "Mass Driver" (Possible to substitute "Cannon Soldier" instead) on the Field. Use the effect of "Ronintoadin" to bring him back to the Field and then Tribute him for 400 LP damage. Repeat until you win.

With the banning of "Substitoad" in September 2010 and "Mass Driver" in March 2011, this strategy is no longer playable in the Advanced Format.

Des Frog OTK

The rapid summoning of "Des Frog"s can be used to OTK as follows: 1. Tribute Summon "Des Frog" when at least 2 "T.A.D.P.O.L.E.s" are in your Graveyard. See below for 1 turn set-up. 2. Use "Des Croaking" to destroy all cards on your opponent's side of the field 3. (option A): Activate "Solidarity" or "United We Stand" and then attack for 8100 damage with the 3 "Des Frogs". 3. (option B): Attack with all "Des Frog"s, then activate "Super Polymerization", summoning "D.3.S. Frog" and finally attacking for 8200 damage.

Special Summon "Ronintoadin" card from your Graveyard then, activate "Inferno Reckless Summon" and Special Summon 3 "Des Frog". Then use "Des Croaking" to clear your opponent's field. Xyz Summon Rank 5 like "Shark Fortress" then, Xyz Summon "Daigusto Phoenix" and win.

Use "Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls", "Swap Frog" and "Foolish Burial" with the help "Salvage" to send "T.A.D.P.O.L.E.", "Gazer Shark" or "Des Frog" to the Graveyard. You can banish Gazer Shark for a free Rank 5 WATER Xyz Summon. "Sea Lancer" can also be used to recycle "Gazer Shark".

There can also be an FTK if you add a "One for One" or "Swap Frog" into your Deck. If you draw a "Des Frog", a "Des Croaking", a "T.A.D.P.O.L.E." and "One for One" or a "Swap Frog", you can either:


Tribute your Monster for a "Des Frog" and follow from stage 2 above!

It is also possible to Normal Summon "Substitoad", then Special Summon with "One for One" or "Swap Frog" to tribute for "Substitoad"'s effect. Summon "Swap Frog" and use its effect to send "T.A.D.P.O.L.E." to the Graveyard. Tribute "Swap Frog" to Summon another if you need to to make sure you have two "T.A.D.P.O.L.E."s in your Graveyard, then use "Swap Frog's effect by returning it or "Substitoad" to your hand to Tribute Summon your "Des Frog".

As an alternative for step 3.(B), use "Polymerization" after using "Des Croaking", then "De-Fusion" after attacking with "D.3.S. Frog".

You can use the Frog search cards like "Moray of Greed" and "Substitoad", "Tradetoad", along with stall cards like "Dupe Frog", "Treeborn Frog" and "Froggy Forcefield" to more reliably complete this OTK/FTK. Watch out for "Starlight Road", "Bottomless Trap Hole" and "D.D. Crow", however.

Dragon Frog Exodia (Traditional)

This strategy uses "Substitoad" (Traditional Only), "DNA Surgery"/"D. Tribe" & "Super Rejuvenation" to draw through your entire Deck in one turn in order to cause a win condition using the 5 parts of "Exodia".

First get the "Substitoad" & your Type change trap on the field, then after playing "Super Rejuvenation" tribute enough "Frogs" to draw the rest of your Deck during the End Phase.

Like most "Frog" combos, use "One for One" and such to get "Substitoad" as fast as possible, and from there setup the rest of the 3 card combo. Other cards that could be used are "A Cat of Ill Omen" to search for the Type Changing traps, as well as "Magical Mallet" / "Hand Destruction" to allow controlled drawing through the Deck, in order not to lose any parts of "Exodia".

Bear in mind that when you tribute "Poison Draw Frog" or "Dupe Frog", their effects do not activate.

  • You can use "Swap Frog" to send them to the graveyard from the field to activate their own effects when "Swap Frog" is Summoned, however they will not actually be 'tributed' and therefore will not count for "Super Rejuvenation".

Frog beatdown Decks

Keep in mind that, in a Beatdown Deck, "Wetlands" is much more important than in a OTK Deck. Make sure you use 3, and at least one "Terraforming". Not drawing "Wetlands" can be a huge problem. Hybrid Decks involving other monsters using Wetlands can be found on the Wetlands Deck page.

Using "Flip Flop Frog" is also crucial as you can easily clear the field every turn as long as he's not destroyed, and can also be a powerful beatstick with "Wetlands".

Although not a "Frog", "Penguin Soldier" can be a great help. You can use it to return 2 monsters on the field for a Direct Attack, and it gains the attack boost for "Wetlands".

Ancient Prophecy also added some great new support for low Level WATER monsters including "Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord" to prevent your Frogs from being destroyed by any means. This is particularly useful against "Lightning Vortex", "Mirror Force" and "Torrential Tribute". Also, "Moray of Greed", while a powerful card, is skippable as it's better to use "Pot of Avarice".

Since a combo of 2 "Dupe Frogs" or a "Dupe Frog" in Defense Position and a "Substitoad" (Traditional Only) essentially renders your opponents attacks completely useless, your main worry is monster destruction. It is therefore essential to include cards to negate this, such as the aforementioned "Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord" or "Destruction Jammer" from the Light of Destruction set.

If you want to incorporate Synchros, "Junk Synchron" works well as almost all Frogs are Level 2 or lower, but "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier" is one of the best tuners for Frogs. Not only is it the strongest monster affected by "Wetlands", he also has a powerful stalling effect (Though this would require running other "Ice Barrier" monsters). You can easily summon "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" using "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier" and a "Mother Grizzly" or two of any Level two monster. "Junk Warrior" is probably the best synchro monster for a Frog Deck to to his gaining the attack of every Level 2 monster on the field which means "Wetlands" makes him incredibly strong if you have at least one frog on the field.

Finally, it should be noted that a "Frog" Deck is excellent at quickly filling the field with monsters thanks to its ability to lock down the opponents attacks. This makes it an ideal Deck to include some very powerful monsters, as you will be able to easily summon even monsters requiring three tributes.

Without using high Level monsters, "Dewdark of the Ice Barrier" is a great monster to combo with "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier" because it can be a 2400 Direct Attacker and also block attacks from Level 4+ monsters.


This type of Deck utilizes "Swap Frog" and "Substitoad" (Traditional Only) to speed up the chances of getting "Treeborn Frog" on the Field. This Deck utilizes the potential of getting "Light and Darkness Dragon" out to stop your opponents, but also using "Dupe Frog" to stall, and "Ronintoadin" to get even more Tribute fodder.

Use "Swap Frog's" effect to bounce a "Monarch" monster back to your hand, and then tribute a monster like "Treeborn Frog" or a opponent monster using cards like "Soul Exchange" and "Enemy Controller" to Normal Summon the "Monarch" and use its effect again.

Normal Summon "Substitoad", tribute for its own effect, and then Special Summon a "Swap Frog" to dump a "Treeborn Frog" to the Graveyard.

A popular play is the "Raiza Loop", which uses "Swap Frog" to return "Raiza the Storm Monarch" to your hand to continually return a card controlled by the opponent to the top of their Deck, disallowing them to Draw any new cards.

This Deck can be played without "Substitoad" meaning you will have a Frognarch Deck ready for advanced format. Just use "Swap Frog" to thin the Deck and you can thin it very quickly. Other then that the Deck is basically the same as the above.

See the article: Frognarchs or Frog Engine

Toadally Awesome beatdown

"Toadally Awesome" can negate the activation of any Spell/Trap Card or monster effect, then Set that card on your side of the field. A well-structured usage of "Ronintoadin" and "Swap Frog" can easily swarm the field and grave with Level 2 monsters to either Summon "Toadally Awesome" or be used as fodder for it.

Beware of cards such as "Zombie World" (which will prevent you from summoning "Toadally Awesome" at all) and cards that banish what goes into your Graveyard such as "Masked HERO Dark Law" and "Dimensional Fissure".

Lancer Frogs

This Deck uses "Ronintoadin" to banish your own frogs, while "Sea Lancer" brings them back from the banished zone and equips them onto itself. "Gachi Gachi Gantetsu" can be brought out easily with this Deck being able to Summon Level 2 monsters very quickly. It is recommended to use both "Dupe Frog" and "Poison Draw Frog" because both get their effects when they are sent as "Sea Lancer's" equip card to the Graveyard.

Use "Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls", "Swap Frog" and "Foolish Burial" with the help "Salvage" to send "T.A.D.P.O.L.E.", "Gazer Shark" or "Des Frog" to the Graveyard. You can banish "Gazer Shark" for a free Rank 5 WATER Xyz Summon. "Sea Lancer" can also be used to recycle "Gazer Shark".

Recommended cards

Card Name Reason
Frog Monsters
Beelze Frog Similar to "Des Frog", this card is usually only useful in the "Des Frog" OTK. Being a Level 3, it does not work with "Wetlands", however, "Solidarity" can be used instead.
Des Frog Only useful in the "Des Frog" OTK or possibly a Synchro Deck since it's a Level 5 and "Substitoad" (Traditional) can easily Special Summon this card to be used as Synchro Material. This card isn't useful in "Wetlands" Decks because there are much better choices.
Dupe Frog With 2000 DEF and counting as "Des Frog", it sets up numerous plays. It also forces your opponent to attack it so with two on the Field, they will stop all your opponent's attacks. This is also a great way to search Frogs. However if you tribute it for a cost, such as with "Substitoad's" effect, it will miss the timing.
Flip Flop Frog Can be flipped face-down again with it's effect to bounce even more of your opponent's. This works well when you've locked down your opponent's attacks with "Dupe Frog". This activates even when destroyed by battle because it is not removed from the Field until after the effect resolves.
Poison Draw Frog Usually recommended against, since its effect can miss the timing and you will not draw a card (e.g. when used with "Substitoad"). This card can, however, work very well in Lancer Frogs because it will get its effect when sent as "Sea Lancer"'s equip card to the graveyard.
Submarine Frog Works very well with "Wetlands", for a 2400 ATK beatstick that is good for Piercing.
Swap Frog Good for removing "Poison Draw Frog" or "Dupe Frog" from Field for their effects (second effect only, third effect makes them miss the timing). Can bounce one monster you control back to the owner's hand to Normal Summon an additional "Frog". This works well with "Ronintoadin" and "Substitoad" (Traditional) as it can create a loop to gain multiple monsters continuously for multiple Synchro Summons in one turn. Very useful in Frog Monarchs variants. Another idea with this card is to Special Summon a Frog using "Junk Synchron" and then bouncing and Normal Summon it with this card before the "Junk Warrior" Synchro Summon.
Treeborn Frog Can Special Summon itself from the Graveyard if you have no Spells/Traps during your Standby Phase, so it's not as useful in Decks using "Wetlands". This card is a key card in Frog Monarchs variant Decks.
Unifrog Works well with "Dupe Frog", allowing you to destroy a Spell/Trap each turn which can be good if you have multiple "Unifrog"s.
Frog Support Monsters
Ronintoadin Works very well in Des Frog OTK and Lancer Frogs. Is a key card in Synchro builds, even if it is not able to be used as a synchro material monster. (use "Substitoad" to tribute for another Frog, tribute that Frog to have a Frog in the Graveyard to Banish so you can use this card's effect). It's also efficient for stalling and Summoning "D.3.S. Frog" Fusion Summon. Note that while "Ronintoad" is not a Frog monster while in face-down Defense Position, he is a Frog while face-up because his effect states that his name is treated as "Des Frog" while face-up on the Field, "Des Frog" is a "Frog" so if this card is face-up on the Field, you can use "Froggy Forcefield". You can use this card to banish your frogs and then get them back later with "Sea Lancer".
Substitoad This is a key card in a "Wetlands" or Synchro build. It prevents Frogs from being destroyed by battle, so it can be used with "Dupe Frog" to stall and then substituting it for "Unifrog" to attack directly on your turn. Useful in Frog Monarchs variants. Note that "Substitoad" is not a Frog monster, so it does not protect itself. ((Traditional Only Card))
T.A.D.P.O.L.E. Only usually useful in the Des Frog OTK.
Tradetoad The replacement for Substitoad, it is useful for reusing "Swap Frog's" effect and bringing back "Dupe Frogs" but is not counted as a Frog.
Non-Frog Monsters
Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier Frogs don't have their own Tuner, so this is a good choice if you need one because it works well with "Wetlands" as well.
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier This card can become a strong direct attacker with 2400 Attack in a "Wetlands" based Deck.
Junk Synchron Another Tuner that can be used for a "Wetlands" based Deck since it Special Summons a Level 2 or lower Monster from your Graveyard. It's also needed for Synchro Summoning "Junk Warrior". Use "Swap Frog" to bounce and Normal Summon a Special Summoned Frog in Attack-Position before Synchro Summoning to allow that monster to have its effect while still contributing to "Junk Warrior's" Attack.
Gazer Shark Banish Gazer Shark for an easy Xyz Summon with 2 WATER Level 5 monsters, such as "Des Frog" and "Sea Lancer".
Light and Darkness Dragon Can provide extra defense in addition to "Dupe Frog" or "Substitoad", or simply help you to stall while trying to draw "Wetlands". Once this card becomes weak, return it to your hand using "Swap Frog's" third effect.
Mother Grizzly Can basically search for everything in a "Wetlands" based Deck. Also useful for Synchro Summons as it keeps a Monster on the Field.
Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord Can work as a Boss monster for beatdown variants, be careful not to get this caught in "Gravity Bind" or "Level Limit - Area A".
Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls Use "Foolish Burial" to send Gazer Shark, T.A.D.P.O.L.E. and to the Graveyard, then Special Summon this card by banishing two of those WATER monsters. This combos with Sea Lancer to recycle the banished monsters.
Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon Has a costly Special Summon, but a useful effect. Can work as a Boss monster for beatdown variants, be careful not to get this caught in "Gravity Bind" or "Level Limit - Area A".
Prior of the Ice Barrier 1000 ATK that is affected by "Wetlands". Can Special Summon itself (from hand) if you control an "Ice Barrier" (like "Cryomancer" or "Dewdark"). Can also Tribute self to revive a "Dewdark" or "Cryomancer" from the Graveyard.
Sea Lancer Works well if you have banished a lot of Frogs by the effect of "Ronintoadin".
Shark Cruiser Works well with almost every Frog Deck; can Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower WATER Monsters when destroyed by your opponent's effect, but this is not very effective due to its effect's requirement, can be useful when paired along with "Dupe Frog" to prevent Field bombs like "Dark Hole" or "Black Rose Dragon".
Star Boy Works well with "Wetlands". Also useful for boosting "Junk Warrior". Particularly useful in a Beatdown Deck if you can't run "Solidarity". Be careful not to clog your Field.
Des Croaking It works very good with "Des Frog", "Ronintoadin" and "Dupe Frog" because they all count as "Des Frog" on Field. It is central to the Des Frog OTK. "Ronintoadin's" Special Summoning effect works well with this card.
Inferno Reckless Summon This card is very useful when combined with "Substitoad's" or "Swap Frog's" effect. It can instantly Special Summon 3 "Des Frog" Monsters ("Des Frog", "Dupe Frog" and/or "Ronintoadin") for Fusion Summoning "D.3.S. Frog" or for using "Des Croaking".
Level Limit - Area B Works especially well in the "Wetlands" build. Almost all your Monsters will be unaffected by this card. This card along with a "Dupe Frog" lock can be very good at preventing any attacks.
Moray of Greed "Pot of Avarice" is more useful in most situations as it is easier to use and can return "Frogs" from "Substitoad's" effect.
One for One Best used for Special Summoning "Substitoad" from your Deck.
Polymerization Only use if you use "D.3.S. Frog" or "Elemental HERO Absolute Zero".
Pot of Avarice Instant fill your Graveyard with the effect of "Substitoad", then use this card to draw 2 cards.
Salvage Similar to "Pot of Avarice", this card is an instant +2 cards in your hand. You can also add "Sea Lancer" to your hand.
Shield & Sword After using "Des Croaking": "Substitoad", "Dupe Frog", "Tradetoad", and "Ronintoadin" will have 2000 ATK.
Solidarity It's similar to "Wetlands", allowing your Frogs to gain much needed ATK.
Super Polymerization A possibility for "D.3.S. Frog", however unlike "Polymerization" this card is a Quick Play, so you can do the "Shield & Sword" combo (below) then use this card and attack for game.
Surface An easy way to get a second "Dupe Frog" out and lock down your opponent. It also works well with "Swap Frog" (as it allows it to get more "Frogs" into the Graveyard) and "Flip Flop Frog" (which you can flip face-down in order to add defense and use its effect next turn). Further more, it can be used for the Synchro Summon of "Junk Warrior" or be used as part of the power-up for "Junk Warrior". If nothing else, this card can be used defensively until "Gravity Bind" or "Level Limit - Area B" is drawn.
Wetlands Gives Frogs a much needed ATK boost of 1200 as almost all Frogs are Level 2, similar cards that can be used are "Star Boy" and "Solidarity". Very useful in a Beatdown build by combining "Submarine Frog" and "Junk Warrior", however it is not as useful in a Des Frog OTK or when using "Treeborn Frog".
Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Protects almost all your Monsters from battle and card effects.
Battle of the Elements Useful because they're all WATER attribute Monsters. Slightly worse than Gozen Match due to all Monsters on the Field needing to be face-up at activation.
Broken Blocker Works with "Dupe Frog" or "Substitoad". When "Dupe Frog" is attacked and destroyed, this Special Summons two "Dupe Frogs" from your Deck in face-up Defense Position, so your opponent cannot declare an attack. You can also activate "Dupe Frog's" effect to bring a Frog Monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand.
Chain Destruction Can be used to send your own cards to the Graveyard, eg "T.A.D.P.O.L.E.", "Treeborn Frog", "Ronintoadin", etc. or if you identify a key card in your opponent's Deck you can send the other copies to their Graveyard.
Froggy Forcefield Another copy of "Mirror Force" wouldn't hurt. This card can be very good and annoying to others when used with "Frogs".
Graceful Revival Revives almost any Frog. Good tribute fodder for "Substitoad".
Gravity Bind Works especially well in the "Wetlands" build. Almost all your Monsters will be unaffected by this card. This card along with "Dupe Frog" can be good annoying.
Gozen Match Because they're all WATER attribute.
Inverse Universe After using "Des Croaking", "Substitoad", "Dupe Frog" and "Ronintoadin" could have 2000 ATK permanently, which is better than a "Shield & Sword's" one turn limit".
Rivalry of Warlords Because they're all Aqua-type Monsters.
Slip Summon Works well being chained with "Inferno Reckless Summon" to summon out up to two copies of the monster you are summoning. Works best with two "Dupe Frogs", effectively stopping your opponent from being able to declare an attack.
Starlight Road Perfect for protecting your Monsters, Spells, and Traps against cards like "Judgment Dragon", "Icarus Attack", or "Celestia, Lightsworn Angel". Also it can get out a "Stardust Dragon" from your Extra Deck.
Time Machine Effective with "Inferno Reckless Summon" to bring out two more copies of the "Frogs". Particularly "Dupe Frog" works well.
Extra Deck
Armory Arm Combine "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier" or "Dewdark of the Ice Barrier" with a Level 2 Frog. Can be equipped to a Level 2 Monster to boost "Junk Warrior" even further upon Synchro Summon.
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier With so much draw power, this card can easily be used to clear the Field for an OTK.
D.3.S. Frog Only in Des Frog OTK, this card can easily have 4000 ATK now that "Treeborn Frog" is not on the ban list. The "Treeborn Frogs" can be easily dumped by "Substitoad" (Traditional Format only) or "Swap Frog" upon Summon.
Elemental HERO Absolute Zero Easily Fusion Summonable in the "Des Frog" Decks, Gains 500 Attack for each WATER on the Field and also great for Field removal upon its own removal.
Gachi Gachi Gantetsu Seing as many "Frogs" are Level two and they tend to swarm the field easily, this card can be used to beef up several monsters and act as a good stall card.
Daigusto Phoenix
Junk Warrior When Synchro Summoned, this card gains a ton of ATK in this Deck. Almost all your Frogs are Level 2, and they will be boosted by "Star Boy" and "Wetlands" or after using "Shield and Sword" and/or "Inverse Universe" (it will have 8300 of ATK if you have 3 other monsters with 2000 DEF). Other noteable monsters are "Swap Frog", "Submarine Frog", "Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier", and "Dewdark of the Ice Barrier" with the "Wetlands" boost.
Number 96: Dark Mist Using "Ronintoadin", "Swap Frog", and "Dupe Frog", this card is easily summoned in a "Frog" Deck. This card can work as a "Number 73: Abyss Splash"
Number 73: Abyss Splash Easy to Summon with "Gazer Shark", using "Des Frog" or "Sea Lancer".
Tiras, Keeper of Genesis Easy to Summon with "Gazer Shark", using "Des Frog" or "Sea Lancer".
Shark Fortress Easy to Summon with "Gazer Shark", using "Des Frog" or "Sea Lancer". Use in "Des Frog" OTK.
Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja Easy to Summon with "Gazer Shark", using "Des Frog" or "Sea Lancer".
Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon Its effect is easily used as almost all your Monsters are Level 2. It may be difficult to summon for the same reason: it requires a Level 3 Monster as a non-Tuner Synchro Material.
Stardust Dragon This card works well if you decide to put in "Starlight Road" to your Deck.

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