"Freed" (フリード Furīdo) is a series of Warrior monsters with effects that range from Spell negation and toolboxing to destruction. These cards outline the life of "Freed the Brave Wanderer". Freed also appeared as a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Their storyline is connected to that of the Captain and Gigo series and can be seen in the artwork of the following cards:

Play Style

As two of them are Level 5 monsters, it is worth adding Tribute fodders to this Deck like "Treeborn Frog" etc. Having effects which require sacrificing or discarding cards may lead a player to include token cards and cards which may help you draw. They're a beatdown/negate series.

Chaos Freed

As "Freed the Brave Wanderer" is LIGHT and "Dark General Freed" is DARK, you could make a Chaos Freed Deck which incorporates the beatdown effects of the Freed cards, along with even more beatdown from the Chaos monsters. The Chaos monsters act as a nice savior in case your monsters get destroyed.

Recommended Cards