In a world split into four dimensions, four boys exist, all with the same face. Their dragons call to each other, almost as if seeking one another.

— The phrase recited before the Japanese opening themes for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, during the Heartland City arc.

The Four Dimension Dragons[1] (フォーDDディメンションドラゴン Fō Dimenshon Doragon), referred to as the Ultimate Dragons (頂点の竜 Chōten no Ryū)[2] and/or Four Heavenly Dragons (四天の龍 Shiten no Ryū)[3] in the anime, are a series of Dragon monsters introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. They are used by Yuya Sakaki, Yuto, Yugo, Yuri, and Zarc.

According to Leo Akaba, "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon", "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" are the strongest Dragons of their respective Summon mechanics. This caused Zarc to incorporate them into his Deck in order to satisfy his audience's selfish desire for more brutal exciting Duels.


Zarc is split

The four dragons are separated across the Four Dimensions.

Zarc was the original owner of these four dragons during his life in the Original Dimension, and he used them in a violent manner to entertain the audience.

According to Ray Akaba, the four dragons were angry at mankind for forcing them to fight brutally for their entertainment. When the ARC System gave them physical bodies, they became self-aware and their anger was intensified by Zarc's desire for power, resulting in them attacking the world. One day, the dragons and their master fused together to form Supreme King Z-ARC, who continued to lay waste to the world until Ray used four cards to split it with herself and the Original Dimension. The dragons were sent to each of the Four Dimensions, where they became owned by each of Zarc's reincarnations. "Odd-Eyes Dragon" was transformed into "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" when Pendulum Summoning surfaced in the Standard Dimension. Ever since then, the four dragons have been searching for each other in an attempt to become one again; eventually succeeding as their owners defeated and absorbed one another, and resulting in Zarc's revival.

Following Zarc's defeat, the four dragons came into Yuya's possession, who was reluctant to use them besides "Odd-Eyes" out of fear that he might merge with them again and reawaken Zarc's soul within Riley. When Yuya finally resolved to Summon them at once he could hear their voices, but instead of feeling their anger he learned that they were afraid of Ray and wanted to stop her resurrection. Yuya assured them that they shouldn't be afraid and were strong on their own without needing Zarc nor the Supreme King Dragon. In response, the four dragons began to actively support Yuya during Duels as well by helping him grab Action Cards.

During Yuya's third Duel against Declan, he realized that the dragons genuinely wanted to make people and other monsters smile just like Zarc and only became violent because the audience asked and selfishly desired for it, and could feel their regret over it. Yuya was ultimately able to help the dragons accomplish this, which in turn seemed to calm their anger and make Zarc's soul within Riley smile.


The Dimension Dragons resonate when in close proximity of each other, whether they are summoned during a Duel or not. Additionally, they can influence their owners to summon them if the conditions for their summoning are met. When facing off against each other or one is summoned, or about to be summoned while in the presence of another, their owners suffer an intense burning pain in their chest. In the case of the former, it may cause them to enter an awakened state, Dueling ferociously until their opponent is defeated, although they are capable of returning to their senses during the Duel. The Dragons also appear to be able to cause their owner to synchronize with a counterpart if they happen to be in the same dimension.

The Dimension Dragons are capable of traveling through dimensions in order to search for one another; Yugo stated that he was guided to both the Xyz Dimension's Heartland City and the Standard Dimension's Paradise City by "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon"; while Yuri complained about "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" taking him to New Domino City.

When one of them is defeated at their opponent;s might, its owner is absorbed into one of their dimensional counterparts. In Yuto's case, despite having lost to Yugo, he was absorbed by Yuya who was closer to his position. However ownership of the Dimension Dragons seems to be determined by the dragons themselves, as Yuto only gave Yuya "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" after the dragon conveyed its will to him.


A distortion created because of the Four Dimension Dragons' presence.

When all four Dimension Dragons have been summoned in the same location, a distortion in the sky appears and the dragons' owners all Awaken. In addition, the dragons that are controlled by Yuya himself emitted an aura of darkness similar to the one he emits while Awakened.

Each of the Dimension Dragons' names uses the following structure: "[Trait of the monster or the owner] + [Summon Mechanic Name] + Dragon". They each have 2500 ATK (except "Starving Venom") and 2000 DEF (like most of the past main protagonists' aces), and their Attribute is DARK (except "Clear Wing"). In the anime, all of them share a common trait of their effects only affecting Level 5 or higher monsters and, with the exception of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", are related to ATK. Their attack and effect names also follow similar patterns: the effect names are simply two English words, while their attack names follow the same pattern as previous Dragons, primarily the base "-Eyes" Dragons; "[Japanese word] no [Two English words]." In the dub, the Dimension Dragons' attack names are simply three English words.


Dimension Anime Manga
Monster Owner Monster Owner
Pendulum Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Yuya Sakaki
Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon Yuya Sakaki
Xyz Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon Zarc
Yuya Sakaki
Dark Anthelion Dragon Yuto
Synchro Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Zarc
Yuya Sakaki
Clearwing Fast Dragon Yugo
Fusion Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Zarc
Yuya Sakaki
Starving Venemy Dragon Yuri


Over the course of the anime, Yuya and his dimensional counterparts receive newer forms of their Dimension Dragons by using them as Material for the three types of Extra Deck Summoning (Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz).


Monster Evolved form Owner
Odd-Eyes Dragon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Zarc
Yuya Sakaki[Note 1]


Monster Original form Owner
Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Yuya Sakaki
Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Yugo
Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon Yuto
Yuya Sakaki
Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon Starving Venom Fusion Dragon Yuri
Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Yuya Sakaki


Monster Original forms Owner
Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon +
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Yuya Sakaki
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon +
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon +
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon


Monster Original forms Owner
Supreme King Z-ARC Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon +
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon +
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon +
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon


Monster Original form Owner
Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing Clear Wing Synchro Dragon Zarc
Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom Starving Venom Fusion Dragon


  • The alternative name "Four Heavenly Dragons" may be a reference to the "Four Heavenly Kings".
  • Each dragons' color scheme is based off of its Summon mechanic.
  • Each of the dragons' Japanese summoning chants mention one a certain body part.
    • Odd-Eyes: Eyes
    • Dark Rebellion and Starving Venom: Fangs
    • Clear Wing: Wings
  • The Four Dimension Dragons were revealed and released in reverse order of compared to their respective Summon mechanics, starting with "Odd-Eyes" (Pendulum), followed by "Dark Rebellion" (Xyz), then "Clear Wing" (Synchro) and lastly, "Starving Venom" (Fusion).
  • Each of the Four Dimension Dragons has a unique feature from the other three.
    • Odd-Eyes: The only non-Extra Deck member.
    • Dark Rebellion: The only member to not have a Level.
    • Clear Wing: The only non-DARK member.
    • Starving Venom: The only member to not have 2500 ATK.
  • "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" is the only Dimension Dragon that has also appeared in the manga; the others have all been replaced by counterparts.


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  1. This card became "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and no longer exists.

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