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Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki Community Discussion. This is a place for community discussion about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki itself, such as policy discussion, or questions about the wiki or how to edit. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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Sticky Threads
Card pages that need to be moved23:30, October 25, 2015Sanokal K-T
Admin noticeboard16:33, October 14, 2015ChaosGallade
Move throttle tracking thread11:16, July 30, 2015ChaosGallade
Page Format Reference18:12, June 12, 2014Cheesedude
Featured Card Issues01:09, May 17, 2013Dark Ace SP
CardTable2 discussion03:33, November 22, 2012FZ - Bot
All Threads
Wikia Denying mobile users?01:49, November 24, 2015UltimateKuriboh
DDD Genghis07:41, November 13, 2015Lino49
Data base export23:03, November 11, 2015Dany68
Tuningware Anime Page19:46, November 4, 2015Cheesedude
Understanding templates on Wikia17:09, October 29, 2015Kirkburn
Duel Monsters I promos08:23, October 24, 2015SnorlaxMonster
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist and Millennium World indexing09:57, October 21, 2015Dinoguy1000
Minerva Exalted LS Image15:21, September 21, 2015ChaosGallade
OCG/TCG differences05:47, September 15, 2015SnorlaxMonster
Card Rulings: Elegy the Melodious Diva has an error.21:04, August 29, 2015MasterMarik
Have a list of cameo appearance in arc-v article instead?01:14, August 24, 2015Lpoi
Contentless Anime Page11:29, August 23, 2015Dinoguy1000
Question Re: Rebirth Judgment.02:49, August 20, 2015Dark Ace SP
Turn structure14:24, August 19, 2015Falzar FZ
Banlist Template15:54, August 8, 2015Lino49
Trapeze magician15:31, August 8, 2015Lino49
Portable Infoboxes22:54, July 29, 2015Dinoguy1000
-Eyes Dragons04:58, July 25, 2015GoldRanger14
Bujin Hiruko20:42, July 20, 2015DreadKaiser
Comments on Ruling Idea18:03, July 20, 2015Nickredace
Star Seraph Sovereignty Card Tip Issue05:26, July 17, 2015Missign0
New broken Anime/Manga cards thread22:09, July 11, 2015MasterMarik
Regarding Judgment of Pharaoh's card name07:16, July 10, 2015SnorlaxMonster
Please Take back Arrival Booster sets, to the main Page17:58, July 8, 2015Ropopoin
Zexal Collection Tin Page naming problem14:49, June 5, 2015Blackwings0605
Card in MRL listed as Super Short Print?20:09, May 22, 2015UltimateKuriboh
Lovecraft Theme Page18:22, May 21, 2015DrakeyC
Admin's request new topic.02:34, May 21, 2015Dinoguy1000
Wiki font size03:15, May 20, 2015DreadKaiser
News section01:58, May 20, 2015Dark Ace SP
Upgraded Semantic MediaWiki09:31, May 15, 2015Dinoguy1000
Card Artwork?02:45, May 9, 2015AzureKesil
Some articles have issues19:56, April 20, 2015Chinhodado
Set page redesign22:20, April 17, 2015UltimateKuriboh
Automatic interwiki addition12:48, April 4, 2015Final Cannon
Why was the new pictures removed?08:42, March 8, 2015Dinoguy1000
Utopia's final form05:32, March 7, 2015Sanokal K-T
I Found a Nice Decklist Template19:54, March 2, 2015Dinoguy1000
Chat idea06:52, March 1, 2015Legacyhunters
Anyone seen these cards before?13:51, February 26, 2015Rodtheanimegod4ever
Possible Instant Fusion Error03:02, February 19, 2015Mr.Prozac
Image Recycle Bin21:06, February 13, 2015IgorThunderMaster
How to add card db erratas?03:05, February 10, 2015UltimateKuriboh
Why split up the cards?08:35, February 3, 2015Dinoguy1000
My Madolche Deck Ideas?03:31, January 30, 2015Missign0
Merge WDC character with tag force character page?15:33, January 27, 2015Lpoi
Archetype page revisions23:27, January 25, 2015Guardmaster
HELP making list of card artwork series01:13, January 6, 2015Chacyung
Naming convention for characters' parents17:08, December 30, 2014Deltaneos
Dice Dungeon not having dice number effects02:54, December 26, 2014Missign0
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