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90% of Answers Here - Most Common FAQ's15:04, August 10, 20170123456789 The Great
90% of Answers Here - Questions, Comments, and Suggestions01:38, January 8, 2017Sanokal K-T
All Threads
Black Dragon Ninja ruling15:48, August 15, 2017Renz0kuken
Clear Kuriboh Question02:27, August 15, 2017Aeron Solo
Are pendulum monster treated as a monster and spell card if they end up in the graveyard?07:52, August 14, 2017ChaosGallade
Monster with "?" attack05:31, August 12, 2017Kukuhangoh
What does happen if monster equipped with united we stand goes face down17:41, August 10, 2017Becasita
Kaiju monsters and summoning conditions?01:03, August 10, 2017MasterMarik
Droll and lock bird03:43, August 9, 2017UltimateKuriboh
Activate once per turn vs used once per turn20:19, July 27, 2017Saffira, Queen of Dragons
Goyo Defender in the Link Format?22:35, July 26, 2017Welshman15
How does Subterror Fiendess allow you to fill the board with subterrors?20:41, July 25, 2017DreadKaiser
Iron wall20:32, July 25, 2017DreadKaiser
Mahad and Starting hand20:29, July 25, 2017DreadKaiser
Master Peace/Saber X-M06:41, July 20, 2017DreadKaiser
Will Negate and destroy work in cards that can't be destroyed by card effects?11:47, July 19, 2017Becasita
Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon vs Supreme King Z-ARC00:17, July 18, 2017XBrain130
The 0 game06:49, July 17, 2017SnorlaxMonster
Super Rush Headlong vs Heavy Knight of Flame03:22, July 13, 2017Aeron Solo
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring vs. Card of Demise14:12, July 3, 2017RPG4Life
Fusion Substitute Card Rulings11:32, June 27, 2017Saffira, Queen of Dragons
Maiden with eyes of blue Effect question10:44, June 27, 2017Todd Marx
Chaos Ancient Gear Giant vs Dimension Wall21:52, June 22, 2017DreadKaiser
Noble Arms ReAttaching11:47, June 22, 2017Becasita
True Draco Summoning Mechanic16:42, June 19, 2017ChaosGallade
Can D/D/D can negate continuous spells that target like cubic karma21:59, June 15, 2017Becasita
Shiranui Sunsaga's first effect23:32, June 14, 2017Becasita
Invoked elysium vs graveyard07:05, June 14, 2017DreadKaiser
Fusion substitute monster argument04:21, June 11, 2017Missign0
Extra Monster Zones and Main Monster Zones15:36, June 7, 2017SnorlaxMonster
Scapeghost and Urgent Tuning05:20, June 6, 2017UltimateKuriboh
De-Fusion Rulings Help?21:48, June 4, 2017Sabre Knight
Doubt about Decode Talker15:30, May 26, 2017Luxumbro
Kozmo rulings08:04, May 25, 2017Sanokal K-T
Fiendish chain question05:53, May 25, 2017UltimateKuriboh
Ancient gear reborn13:44, May 20, 2017Becasita
Droll & Lock Bird activation timing23:22, May 18, 2017Andrewds1021
Dark Room of Nightmare vs Trickstar05:00, May 18, 2017Missign0
Meklord Emperors Ruling Question23:14, May 14, 2017Becasita
Neptune / Exodia01:08, May 14, 2017DreadKaiser
Zombie world anti tribute00:59, May 12, 2017Sanokal K-T
Ruling question for Numbers 98 God of Despair, Hopless (Number 98:Antitopian)04:26, May 11, 2017Missign0
Mask Change Card Ruling Help18:44, May 10, 2017Genesis1221
Superheavy Samurai Flutist08:03, May 8, 2017ChaosGallade
Negating Helpoemer's Effect/Conditions query03:03, May 7, 2017SnorlaxMonster
Comic Hand And Mimicat07:36, May 4, 2017XBrain130
Flip monster after destruction19:04, May 2, 2017Becasita
Solemn warning question23:07, May 1, 2017Andrewds1021
Dark Sanctuary field spell question10:39, April 30, 2017Becasita
Lemon Magician Girl and special summoning?22:26, April 29, 2017Sanokal K-T
Lindbloom-like effects and Link Monsters22:57, April 28, 2017MasterMarik
Nirvana High Paladin's Effect21:15, April 16, 2017F5y6
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