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90% of Answers Here - Most Common FAQ's03:45, April 4, 2018Vs05689y
90% of Answers Here - Questions, Comments, and Suggestions01:38, January 8, 2017Sanokal K-T
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Crimson Nova The dark cubic lord vs Lair of Darkness03:21, April 24, 2018Candleash
Special Summoning face-down?11:27, April 16, 2018MasterMarik
Multiple Normal Summon/Set Question20:13, April 9, 2018Andrewds1021
Black Dragon Ninja/Transformation effect timing00:27, April 2, 2018VolticWind
Card ruling questions19:34, March 29, 2018Andrewds1021
Geartown vs Ancient Gear Catapult22:41, March 26, 2018Aeron Solo
Can I Use Kidmodo Dragon's Effect on Opponent's Turn?18:14, March 21, 2018Deathdealers747
Question about Ritual Beast Return15:43, March 21, 2018AzureNin
Dark Law XYZ Material Interactions14:47, March 15, 2018DJBIGGIG
Copycat reverse trap11:25, March 15, 2018MasterMarik
Number 41: Bagooska vs. Flip Monsters12:12, March 11, 2018Harpyie 1
Ritual monster + Monster Reborn23:59, March 3, 2018MasterMarik
Does once per turn imply that you can use the effect in your opponents turn?15:49, March 2, 2018MasterMarik
Ancient Gear vs Quick Spell/Trap20:08, March 1, 2018Cegeb
Reviving a Gyzarus04:42, February 26, 2018Hotpocketgang69
Protector and priestess with eyes of blue activation and resolution00:45, February 21, 2018MasterMarik
Question regarding protector and priestess with eyes of blue (and activation of effects)04:53, February 20, 2018X1991omega
Retrained and the like(ness), or lack of it..18:24, February 19, 2018MasterMarik
Question about Solemn Warning09:08, February 19, 2018Harpyie 1
Dragon Spirit of White vs. Bottomless Trap Hole15:52, February 15, 2018BlazeWu
Quick-like vs Ignition-like effects21:27, February 7, 2018Battlemaniac
Destiny HERO - Dystopia and ATK modifiers04:20, February 6, 2018Aeron Solo
Dragon knight of creation effect question23:09, February 3, 2018MasterMarik
Paladin of dark dragon vs blast sphere16:46, February 1, 2018DeadMeat2426
Necro valley vs zombie world06:43, January 30, 2018Sanokal K-T
Negate Krawler effect15:26, January 29, 2018BlazeWu
Question about cards that negate the monster effects of monsters destroyed by that card..18:40, January 26, 2018X1991omega
Temporary banished17:52, January 25, 2018Vitesse0
? atk?23:07, January 24, 2018MasterMarik
Future Fusion & effects when used as Fusion Material12:51, January 20, 2018GoldenDragonRider
Astrograph sorcerer vs traptrix traphole of nightmare01:08, January 20, 2018Luisfy91
Defense Zone & Dark Magic Attack?14:13, January 15, 2018Crediblemicah
Kaiju VS Skill Drain or similar cards23:00, January 13, 2018UltimateKuriboh
Scrap Fist Vs magic Cylinder20:12, January 13, 2018Sanokal K-T
Give and Take11:47, January 11, 2018Becasita
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon04:15, January 9, 2018Sanokal K-T
Continuous Spell/Trap effects & attacking directly22:10, January 8, 2018GoldenDragonRider
Extra Buck?21:42, January 5, 2018MasterMarik
Equipable Monster Physics15:16, January 4, 2018Crediblemicah
Dark Magical Circle vs Draw Floodgates05:27, January 4, 2018Arkara73
Palladium Oracle Mahad16:13, January 3, 2018Aeron Solo
Dark contract with errors16:17, January 2, 2018Aeron Solo
Keeper of the Shrine15:53, January 2, 2018BlazeWu
Chaining The Transmigration Prophecy with Spear Cretin & Divine Wrath to Red Dragon: Both impossible??14:09, December 31, 2017BronzeJohnson
Maniacal Servant/Union monsters23:10, December 20, 2017Sanokal K-T
Looking at your opponents hand and revealing searched cards to opponent.03:19, December 18, 2017XBrain130
Summoning Effects and resolving those effects18:02, December 16, 2017Aeron Solo
Dinos15:56, December 16, 2017ChaosGallade
Cyber grave15:48, December 16, 2017XBrain130
Tributing a face down monster......10:34, December 12, 2017GoldenDragonRider
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