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If the post is not constructive, do not post it. Do not wade in and say "<x> Deck sucks, use <y> Deck instead because everyone else is doing it". We are operating a two-strike warning policy on this; First is a warning, second is a week's ban from the Wikia. We take the idea of constructive helping very seriously, and we will not tolerate disruption to that.

If you would like to place a decklist in a query, please use the following: Template:Decklist. Using this template can help to keep the decklists organized and clean, while keeping the space used in each query to a minimum.

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Blue-Eyes OTK03:20, July 24, 2017Missign0
Subterror Deck Help & Rate?02:47, July 24, 2017Missign0
The Winged Dragon of Ra Deck02:38, July 24, 2017Missign0
Anti - True Draco deck?00:43, July 24, 2017RPG4Life
Rate my deck!02:57, July 1, 2017Yugi2012
Machina Gadget (June 2017)02:57, June 30, 2017RPG4Life
Exxod Burn Deck04:37, June 25, 2017Missign0
Deck formula15:29, May 24, 2017Vjach
Exordia Deck 2017?23:27, May 18, 2017Becasita
Help with Odd-eyes Pendulum Deck03:46, May 15, 2017Missign0
Timelords (Using Newly-Released Timelords)10:44, May 12, 2017MrTKS
Some Help?07:56, May 8, 2017XBrain130
Need help making a modern deck around The Seal of Orichalcos19:38, May 4, 2017Djt08031996
Pk side deck help19:34, May 4, 2017Djt08031996
I'm certain this deck could be better21:38, May 3, 2017SP797
Help Building A Deck With These Cards!19:56, April 19, 2017ItsKvantum
Help.Trying to build a Lightsworn mixed deck17:54, April 13, 2017BronzeJohnson
Help with Destiny board/final count down13:15, April 7, 2017The1stkawaiipotato
Help With Zombie Synchro Deck21:53, March 30, 2017Dragonovas
Need Help With an Amorphage deck21:03, March 27, 2017Thegoldsmith
Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon + Light Dragons13:14, March 10, 2017Lady Blue
Chaos Dragon Deck12:37, March 9, 2017Lady Blue
RDD deck construction16:44, February 13, 2017Kingyfyvf
Rate my true blue eyes meets red eyes deck02:29, February 12, 2017Richstar2552
Kaiba Deck help (VS Atem)01:14, February 9, 2017Lady Blue
Can you help with my dragon deck?19:21, February 5, 2017JC19992016
Deep-Eyes04:08, February 4, 2017SherlockHouse43
Please Rate My Blue-Eyes Deck16:02, January 22, 2017FighterofLight
A little help for my deck15:39, January 22, 2017FighterofLight
Zoodiac Metalfoes23:19, January 20, 2017FighterofLight
Help with my Synchro Felgrand deck.06:02, January 10, 2017Tony182ricky
"Meta" Deck17:07, December 26, 2016Dinoguy1000
Help, cyber dragon suggestions05:08, December 19, 2016Canickey1
Endymion Spell Deck 201604:32, December 18, 2016Agaspar5
Exodia Themed Deck, Suggestions?21:12, December 14, 2016MasterMarik
ABC Poseidra Deck01:37, November 10, 2016Becasita
Gadget xyzz22:33, November 9, 2016Djt08031996
Odd-Eyes Magician Deck Help01:18, October 24, 2016RealBigFish
How does my Ancient Gear deck look?01:08, October 24, 2016RealBigFish
LEVEL 1, RANK111:35, October 23, 2016RealBigFish
Spellbook Tempest Magician08:57, October 23, 2016BronzeJohnson
I have a question about cards.13:42, October 17, 2016UltimateKuriboh
Need help with my Zombie Deck please20:41, October 7, 2016Lady Blue
Rate My Deck Please?13:25, September 22, 2016Lady Blue
OCG Spellcasters21:45, September 18, 2016Peter Bread
Opinions and advice23:46, September 15, 2016WolfieSkm
Shaddoll trains16:09, September 13, 2016Cloudffvll
Summoning multiple "Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare" at once?04:07, September 10, 2016ScrewlooseOne
Synchron Deck Help17:27, September 8, 2016Alpha-L1909
Monarch Decklist Help16:46, September 2, 2016JadenmorganLv1
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