Hi!Please help me with my ancient gear deck.Which cards i should add and remove.Here's my deck:


  • Ultimate ancient gear golem x2
  • Ancient gear golem x2
  • Ancient gear gadjiltron dragon x1
  • Ancient gear soldier x2
  • Cyber phoenix x1
  • Cyber valley x1
  • Giant rat x3
  • Sangan x1
  • Neo spacian grand mole x1
  • Exiled force x1
  • Man eater bug x1
  • The earth-hex healed fusion x1
  • Gear golem the moving fortrees x1
  • Ancient gear x3
  • Ancient gear knight x1


  • Swords of revealing light x1
  • Lightning vortex x1
  • Enemy controller x1
  • Ancient gear fist x1
  • Ancient gear castle x1
  • Ancient gear tank x1
  • Ancient gear drill x2
  • Mystical space typhoon x1
  • Monster reborn x1
  • Polymerization x1
  • Soul exchange x1
  • Graceful charity x1
  • Geartown x1
  • Machine duplication x1


  • Sakuretsu armor x3
  • Rising energy x1
  • Zoma the spirit x1
  • Draining shield x1
  • Call of the earthbound x1
  • Solemn judgment x1


Well first of all, you spelled MONSTERS wrong. ^^ Take out Gadjiltraon Dragon. Its useless without gadgets, dont even bother putting gadgets. dont use soldier, use knight instead with cards such as double summon, unleash your power, gemini trap hole, etc. get 1 more phoenix, lose the ancient gears (as well as machine duplication)and consentrate on solid machines. reconsider, you could make a brand new deck by instead buying some cards that consentrate on spc. summoning those ancient geras as well as rats and duplication, continue with inferno reckless summon, then maybe 2-3 Synchro Boosts, AND then a tuner w/ swords of revealing light and then viola, Stardust Dragon or tribute fodder for golem (and if there is at least 1 more gear monster, ultimate ancient gear golem!). Lose, enemy controller, tank, drill, graceful charity (its banned), rising energy, zoma, draining shield. Focus on the main idea (hint: MACHINES). Did you only adjust SD10? Not a very good idea.

So, you can either make a Gear Golem Rush and add Megamorph(s). Or you can make a machine swarming deck.

Second Reply

Contrary to the above response, Gadgiltron Dragon can be a useful card without the gadgets, especially if you special summon it via Geartown.

Speaking of which, stock on up that wonderful field magic card. It's quite possibly God's gift to ancient gears, especially if you're working with higher level machines.

If you need some further inspiration, simply invest 15 minutes in searching the rest of this forum for other ancient gear decks. The ideas other duelists stitch together may surprise you.

it depends on which way ur going

well, like said. it depends on whether u want to make a aggolem based fusion deck and may take a few turns to launch the almost invincible ultimate machine centaur. but yeah. theres another way. that is abuse GEAR TOWN! its fast and cool. what ive seen in my country is they max gear town, 1-2 terra formings, and max gadjiltron dragon, even though theres no gadget. its one of the few ancient gear mons that could be special summoned. u could use heavy storm, breaker, mst, or even kuraz to destroy that gear town and bring out a high beat stick on the first turn. very cool. the second cool thing about gear town is that u could summon A G beast for free. then u could use emergency teleport to synchro Stardust. this is just my idea. please take into consideration.Jetronix 09:37, 14 October 2008 (UTC)

-hint- your ancient gear deck is a good start, however u can make it a formidable force to reckoned with. one way is combining ancient gears, machina's and gadgets together. make full use of the field spell card geartown, that card is god in an ancient gear deck. i notice u dont use engineer which is one of the best gear monsters hands down. u might want to get scrap recyclers and solidarity will be ever useful.

Third Reply

I have an almost unbeatable Ancient Gear Deck. It only cost me 30 dollars. I have 3 Gadgiltron dragons and 3 king of the swamps. I have 3 polymerizations. Power bond. Limiter Removal. 3 Ancient Gear Golems. Solemn Judgement, 3 ancient gear beasts and 2 nights and engineers. I always pull of an FTK or STK. My deck is fast, strong, and original.

i have a gear deck and it is much better than yours which you find in a bin because i have won lots of tournaments

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