I've recently started playing Yugioh again (I stopped around the time of the Chazz duelist pack) and I want to update my deck with new cards, preferably on a 50$ budget. As a player who played MTG first, I was used to 60 card decks and found that most of the time, 60 card decks worked better for me. I am willing to cut it to 40 cards, however. So far, all I have of the new cards that are worth mentioning are the 2009 starter deck, Majestic Star Dragon (got the tin, don't have either Majestic Dragon nor Stardust Dragon), and Ancient Sacred Wyvern (along with 2 Sunny Pixies to summon it). Even though this is a casual deck, I would like it to be semi-competitive. Thanks a lot for your help.

Dragon's Roar

Well, at least it looks like you somewhat know what you're doing. Something to mention though, is that you should first update your deck to match the September 2009 Lists. That means no Pot of Greed, no Snatch Steal, and no Premature Burial, for starters. --Black Rose 15:49, November 18, 2009 (UTC)

Well, other than removing the forbidden cards, is there anything else I could change? Or, if it's fine as is, is there anything I could cut down so I can bring it down to 40 cards? - Scubasage

Hmm... Grave of Enkindling seems like it would not work so well, and Dragon's bead isn't that much better. Dragon's Rage isn't that good, and Jar of Greed is only useful if you have 40 cards in your deck and that's one of them. Also swap Negate Attack for Threatening Roar - it's better and chainable.
For spells... not much that needs to be changed. But in the monster category it would behoove you to remove those Dragons Dwelling in the Cave. Runer5h 01:14, November 19, 2009 (UTC)Runer5h

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