Hi, I have some doubts about fusion/synchro summoning. 1) Fusion summon is a special summon? So can I normal summon a monster and also fusion summon another one? (I think I can special summon in 1 turn as many monster as I can, isn't it?) 2) Synchro summon is like fusion summon, and for fusion summon I can send to the graveyard monster from the field or my hand. Can I do the same for synchro summoning or only from the field? Thx.

Here is your answer

A Fusion Summon is a special summon, so as long as you have the Fusion Material Monsters in your hand or already on the field. You can perform as many in a turn as possible, based on your monster card zones available. Yes you can normal summon a monster and perform a fusion summon in the same turn.

The Second part of your question is about Synchro Summons. You must have a tuner monster on the field and then one or more non tuners on the field, whose total levels are equal to the levels of the Synchro monster you are attempting to Synchro Summon. For Example:

You have Elemental Hero Sparkman and Elemental Hero Clayman along with a Polymerization card in your hand and a Junk Synchron in there as well you have Speed Warrior on the field. And you have Charcoal Inpachi in your grave yard: It is your turn, you play your Polymerization card, and send your Sparkman and Clayman to the grave yard from your hand. That is a Fusion Summon therefore it is a Special Summon. You then normal summon your Junk Synchron to the field. Utilizing it's effect you special summon your Charcoal Inpachi from the graveyard in face up defense position, you can then use Junk Synchron to tune up yourSpeed Warrior then you get your Junk Warrior effect that allows you to add all level 2 or lower monsters attack and add it to Junk Warrior attack, Your normal summon was Junk Synchron and all your Special Summons were the Synchro Summon, of Junk Warrior along with your Charcoal Inpachi therefore you gain 1 fusion monster, 1 Synchro monster, and 1 normal high defense monster all in one turn. Giving you 3 monsters on the field.

Does that help answer your question

Duelist33 18:07, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

You can see this and this pages also for help. ATEMVEGETA 19:58, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

Yes I think, what I didn't understand was if I could use monsters from my hand to perform a synchro summon because I read this was equal to a fusion summon, and in polymerization says you could use monsters from your side of the field or your hand. What I'm understanding now is I must have on the field all the required monsters, the synchro and the non-synchro. I hope I'm right now, thx for your answers :)

You mean, the tuner and non-tuner monsters. ATEMVEGETA 06:48, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

Does it have to be Equal

I've got a question about Synchro Summoning. I know that you need a tuner monster and enough non-tuners to equal the Synchro monster's level, but can you go over that level too.

Example: If I wanted to synchro summon a lvl 8 monster, could I still use monsters whose total lvl was 9 or 10?

  • No, you must match the EXACT level of your monsters to your synchro summon. -- Sub 19:51, 22 January 2009 (UTC)

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