Hey i'm fairly new to the yugioh wikia and i just wanted some help with my OJAMA deck. So here's the decklist.


Ojama Blue x3

Ojama Red x2

Ojama Yellow x3

Ojama Green x3

Ojama Black x3


Ojama Delta Hurricane!! x3

Ojamagic x2

Ojama Country x3

The Big March of Animals x2

Creature Swap



Kaiser Colosseum

Instant Fusion x2

Amulet of Ambition

Enemy Controller

Pot of Avarice

Level Limit - Area B

Magical Mallet

Smashing Ground


Magical Hats

Trap Stun

Dust Tornado

Gravity Bind

Extra Deck:

Ojama Knight

—This unsigned comment was made by Avenger117 (talkcontribs) 22:20, November 3, 2010

i can help for sure

i have an ojama deck ...just look at my deck list n see what u can get from it

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