Well, I'm going to buy some old Duelist pack Yugi's, and I want to know the odds of me pulling a card. I know there are 5 cards to a pack, with 30 cards possible to get. I specifically want a mirror force, and I am not sure how many packs I should purchase to be almost guaranteed to pull one. I consider the odds are 1/30 of me getting it at each card, unless certain cards are more likely to be pulled. If so, then I am less likely to get it right? So I suppose my question is this. How many packs should I purchase to be very likely (at least a 90%) chance of getting at least one mirror force? I really thank any math wiz out there who can help me.

Ultra Rare copies (which are Mirror Force and Paladin) are very likely to not pull often than common does. So out of 30 packs, you will like to get one copy of either. As for me when I get a full box of CRMS, I pulled only one copy of Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode (which was Ultra Rare) out of all boosters I got. --FredCat100 00:57, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

So would I be better off just purchasing a mirror force on eBay/Amazon? 01:04, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

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