This is a Thor Turbo because he has the best engine by far. Originally, the deck was Nordic Chaos Dark Armed but with a rather mediocre result at locals (2 to 1 against an incomplete Zombie Synchro, 0 to 1 against a Scrap deck that had every card necessary, 2 to 1 against a decent Fabled-Trishula deck), I decided upon re-focusing it to Thor. To do this, I remove Dark Armed Dragon and a lot of the Level 4 cards and added powerful Level 3s. I also removed D.D. Crow because I didn't feel that I needed it.

Thor Turbo

I can afford most cards at the moment except for Duality, Warning, and a few other cards. Also, I don't want to buy Ryko. Any help is welcome.BobaFett2 (talk)

NO good. The only thing I like id how you concentrate on Beasts. Most people use the TERRIBLE Alfars or whatever.


NO Garmr, just useless

NO Chaos Sorcerer, great card, but you won't have room

No Sangan, There is more efficient searching in this galaxy

Side deck Dark soul, Good against Sams, but nothing else

NO Warwolf, Why in Heck....?

3 Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, GREAT for synching up Thor.

3 Thor is neccessary for this format

3 Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant, you can use it to get Thor and its level is flexible. This chick and the tokens from Tanngrisinir can go for Thor or for Odin AND you can take down Vanadis' level to go for Trishula.

  • NOTE* Vanadis can go for Thor or Odin, but only revive Odin.

3 Odin, Father of the Aesir, 4000 atk, immunity to spells/traps, draw power, BEAUTIFUL!

You should buy 3 Rykos

3 Super-Nimble Mega Hamster is Necessary

Spells are okay, you may want a few Lances, very versatile card, can be used two ways. But not neccessary. Run a Burial form a different Dimension. Amazing card. You can use it to get Plaguespreader back, anything used to revive Thor, and any victims of Caius, Bottomless, DD Crow, Chaos Sorcerer, DPrison, etc. This is mandatory for you, bub.

I dunno about trap stun....

Replace Sakeretsu with DPrison, obviously.

3 Gleipnir is a must.


I guess I misspoke: I generally can afford 20 dollar cards but I'm not going to buy them for a deck that won't last past this format.

Don't use lots of caps and don't take up so much space. As I said, this isn't an attempt at a standard Nordic deck. And no, it's not "No good", it actually can beat a lot of good decks. I don't have Odin or Vanadis and I don't really think that I need either. Vanadis is pretty bad (No SS potential) and 20 dollars per. I could get Tannsgrisnir but this deck does things without it. T.G. Warwolf works because it can be Special Summoned when Guldfaxe is Special Summoned, giving you yet another Normal Summon (plus I don't have Tanngnjostr). Ryko is 10 dollars and I need all my money for Trishula right now-I might trade for Ryko but I don't really think it would be worth using in this deck. Super-Nimble Mega Hamster works if you have Ryko but if you don't then he's not worth it. It would also mean paying another 30 on top of the Ryko. Possessed Dark Soul is actually a lot more effective than it would seem and it works against a lot of decks I've played (for example, I almost killed Monarchs by making them spend all their resources trying to get back a Treeborn Frog). I don't have Forbidden Lance and it's not really worth using in this deck (I've only seen heavy use in Gladiator Beasts and for good reason). I'm not sure about Trap Stun myself so I'm replacing it with Seven Tools. I will have three Dimensional Prisons sooner or later but at the moment I don't so I use Sakuretsu instead. I've tested this deck and I really do need three Gleipnir. Chaos Sorcerer is amazing. I keep him. Sangan is the second best searcher ever made-he stays. Lastly, Garmr has a "bounce" effect which isn't as potent as that of a LJM or Wall of Illusion (it doesn't work against many Synchro Monsters) but since I don't have Tanngsrisnir I would run out of good targets for Tanngnjostr every few duels.BobaFett2 (talk)

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