• So here's a deck I made. It's as good as I could get it. If you have any ideas at all let me know. But please-use the +/- format (example +2 Divine Wrath/-2 Flare Scarabs). That way the deck can be revised more effectively. Thank you!

-1 dark bribe, +1 Fake Hero ,-2 compulsory of evacuation device, +1 common soul, +1 mirror force.

  • Thanks, but I don't have a mirror force yet...Until then I'll use 2 common souls
  • -1 A Hero Emerges. It's not worth emptying your hand just to bring out a monster when the opponent attacks.--Akiza Izayoi 02:08, December 10, 2009 (UTC)
  • I added -1 A hero emerges
  • +1 glow moss +1 grand mole
  • -1 instant neos space/+1 raigeki/lightning vortex
  • -1 [Brain Control]. Rarely useful in the long-run and only useful for tribute fodder. +1 Foolish Burial/+1 O - Oversoul
  • Okay so I've edited this deck a bit using most people's suggestions.

+2 Elemental Hero Neos Alius (Don't have a - just better than Neos cuz no sacrifice needed if ur in a hurry).

  • -1 stratos. Adding neos to your hand isn't as good as prisma's effect. +1 prisma.

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