This is my deck, that I just put together last night, it is a Warrior Deck, based off the Earth Attribute, the Heavy Hitters are my Synchro Monsters. Any comments and modifications are welcome.

Warriors of the Earth

There you have it, of course any thoughts modifications and opinions are welcome.I was thinking of adding a Armed Ninja and Rivalry of Warlords just not sure of which card to replace them with, plus I need another Rivalry of Warlords as I only have one and it's in my Dino Deck

Duelist33 18:28, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Played this last night

And pretty much got my but whipped, though before playing it I had removed an Iron Chain Coil added Synthesis Spell and Lycanthrope what with all the normal monsters that were in the deck. Thought it might be a good combo, but didn't draw both cards at the same time, only got Lycanthrope in one of the duels. I have seen the weakness to this deck, and that is that I have to maintain control of the field. The problem, is that I don't know what to do to accomplish that goal. I have 6 Lightning Vortexs on the way, along with some other cards for my Girlfriend's Crystal Beast Deck, and I know that will help me with Field Control. I was thinking about adding a Scapegoat and maybe an Ultimate Offering to help with Amazon Archer but I am not sure. I really need help with this deck, as it did everything but turn out the way I wanted it to. Suggestions, thoughts, modifications and the like are definately welcome.

Duelist33 18:16, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

Check this deck out, could use a lot of help with it

It is not a structure deck, so I am not sure why no one is helping me out with it. But it could use alot of fixes. Should I use more equip cards, more search cards or what.

Duelist33 16:59, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Hey, gilfords apprentice 52795 here.

Not to brag and all, but I have reached heights with my pure warrior deck. Okay, first, its a warrior deck, so keep it as a warrior deck. Your synchros dont belong with it. And to take control of the, you are gonna need cards that would protect your monsters, and you dont have much. If you want synchros in that deck, I suggest Turbo Warrior,Junk Warrior, and Nitro Warrior. Now, a more effective approach would be a warrior toolbox, the point would be to swarm the field with your warriors, and these are warriors so you are gonna need some equips. If you have a question with something post it, im gonna check after a few days.


  • eer ok...First of all synchros are needed for warriors to get powerful monsters out, otherwise they are a little bit on the weak side in terms of attack. Also Equips really aren't very good usually people do not run any unless it has an extremely good effect (As in the example of Snatch Steal before it was banned.) Theres a lot of things you could fix in the deck to make it move faster such as removing all normal monsters but...There is a lot of things I can suggest, but it would change the idea of the deck, however if you really do insist on running earth warriors (all earth warriors) you can probably put in Giant Rat or Warrior Lady of the Wasteland.
  • In general - Take out normal monsters and iron chain monsters (other than tune warrior). Take out High leveled earth monsters and earth tribute support as there are warrior alternatives to some such as Gaia the fierce knight (theres Swift gaia the fierce knight). Take out armor breaker, shield warrior and trap master. And take out blade edge.
  • spells - Take out iron chain support cards, take out tribute doll, take out equip spells, take out kishido spirit, take out warrior returning alives, take out field barrier, and take out synchro blast wave.
  • traps - don't need roll out, synchro deflector, or trap hole.
  • Check out staple cards such as Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy storm, Torrential tribute, threatening roar, and monster reborn, along with spell support for synchroing as that is how you get your strong monsters out (goyo, stardust, colossal fighter, ect.) Also check out other warrior type monsters, considering that lots of good monsters are not earth you shouldn't limit yourself to only earth monsters since other monsters can work.
  • For example Don Zaloog, Silent Swordsman Lv 5, and maybe kuraz the light monarch. But as it stands now warriors move a little slow without draw power and the limit of Rota. I had a similar idea earlier to convert my warrior synchro deck into a dark warrior synchro deck since dark monsters had more support but it didn't look very promising compared to my old deck. Anyways those are some first thoughts but for a really good fix you probably will need a total overhaul since many supporting cards do not work and you are missing things that could go into the deck but strangely are not there (warrior lady since its earth warriors, giant rat...though I tried both in an earth warrior synchro earlier as a last ditch effort to save my warriors and it didnt work, it moved too slow.) As a side note, Gilford, sign your comments please.--Takuma. 23:32, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

A total overhaul though not completely

The changes I have made in this deck will be listed in the deck list, leaving the other one at the top of the thread so that changes can be notated. I did overhaul alot of the cards and it did win last night but still lost the match though my opponent only had 300 life points left

Here you have it:

Defenders of the Earth

Again more help would be greatly appreciated. I still would like to keep the theme the same, so some of the cards stay in. It did maintain a bit more control of the field. One thing that needs to be adjusted is the size of the deck, and I was thinking about putting a card in that changes cards from defense to attack thus allowing me to do a bit more damage ie if my opponent plays Spirit Reaper

Duelist33 17:46, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

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