Morphtronic Magnen

Deck: 42

Monsters: 18

Morphtronic Celfon3 giant rat x2 cyber dragon x1 morphtronic scopen x3 morphtronic radion x2 Morphtronic Boarden x3
Morphtronic Boomboxenx2 Morphtronic Slingen

<u>Spells: 16
Heavy Storm
giant trunade Morphtronic Accelerator x3
Mystical Space Typhoon
junk box x 3 mage power x 3 Double Tool C&D x3
reasoning Traps:8 solemn judgement call of the haunted torrential tribute Morphtronic Bind
x3 Morphtronic Forcefield

Well, I can finally say, this deck is looking pretty good and getting better as the days go by and I'm still yet to use it. I can't wait to test this out after my pay check. And I hope it goes well with only a few problems. But a lot of problems is good too. Tells me I'm still doing something wrong.
Keep helping please!
Thanks. A bunch!


You might take out a Threatening Roar and add a Spirit Barrier

i would like to add an honest, it can work some magic in the beggining, and if you play your cards right, a OTK. At the same time, take out monster reborn because it is illegal and then add something like monster reincarnation.

I'm sorry but this really sucks. you're not focusing on the morphtronics ability to swarm the field while using your deck and graveyard as a toolbox. nor are you using it's ability to play a lock on your opponent

the best way to use moprhtonics is ( I play them like that):

monsters: (19)
Morphtronic Celfon 3x swarm the field
Morphtronic Videon 3x equip or even better synchro with remoten or scopen and later remove for remoten
Morphtronic Remoten2x for hand advantage
Morphtronic Radion 3x higher atk and def and for synchro and effect remoten
Morphtronic Boarden3x remove with remoten and get a scopen or another remoten or for a direct attack
Morphtronic Scopen 3x synchro summon power tool dragon
Morphtronic Slingen2x destroy your opponent cards and then use it for synchro summon.

Machine Duplication make more celfons or remotens)
Lightning Vortex
Morphtronic Accelerator x3 (destroy everything)
Morphtronic Repair Unit x3
Double Tool C&D x3
One for One (to take your keycard, celfon)
Junk Box x2 (grab a scopen and activate its effect or take celfon)
Swords of Revealing Light
Limiter Removal
Giant Trunade (to take back your equips and re-use them)

Morphtronic Bind2x (only against decks with a lot monsters of lv 4 or higher)
Morphtronic Forcefield 3x if you have starlight road play this one 1x and 2x starlight road
Torrential Tribute

extra deck:
Power Tool Dragon 3x to get your equip cards and to make more space for other cards
many others synchros (stardus, brionac, iron chain and more.)

the main goal is to swarm your field with cards like celfon and scopen. then make a synchro (best is power tool) and then use power tool to get your equips (first get your morphtronic repair unit) to get your remoten on the field, then remove monsters to get more in your hand. then you try to get your celfon or scopen back with junk box to get more cards or to synchro summon with scopen and another lv 4 monster you have got in your hand thanks to remoten. and try to synchro summon again. this way you should be able to make a very fun and long turn. (my longest turn was 10min playing). you might be thinking why all those lv 4 monsters? well the main reason is to make power tool and to remove them to get other lv 4 monsters which you can do the same with. or get the cards you need like slingen to blow things up or use a radion to get a higher attack.

hope you enjoy this deck =D


3 repair unit? Really? I run a tournament morphtronic, and repair unit is way to slow and binding. mst (mystical space typhoon) takes out your shiny new monster easily, along with heavy storm, tornado, etc. Videon is just, no. Videon simply doesnt work. I agree with forcefield and accelerator, but consider only running two. And yes, run 1-2 starlight road if you have a stardust dragon. I personally don't run torrential or giant trunade, but I can see where you're coming from. I also am very fond of chimeratech overdragon, as a great alternate OTK.

My decklist looks like this:
scopen x3
boomboxen x2
boarden x3
radion x3
slingen x2
cyber dragon
celfon x3
radion x3
junk box x2
c&d x3
overload fusion
machine duplication x2
m. map
one for one
accelerator x2
mage power (will switch for united we stand once i get the money)
future fusion
swords of revealing light
solemn judgement
bind x2
forcefield x2
Starlight Road
Power tool x2
Chimeratech Overdragon
Ancient Sacred Wyvern
Black Rose Dragon
These extras are the essentials - fill in your favorite 8 after this

I would like to point out, I'm not forcing anything. Just saying, this deck is a lot faster than the list both of you have presented. I also recommend adding your own touch to this deck (mine was a Gale : the whirlwind)

I use a Morphtronic-machine-synchro deck. Is it tournament ready?

Monsters 1 Nitro Synchron

2Morphtronic Videon




2 Shredder

1 White Potan

1 Black Potan

1 Junk Synchron 1 Mecha-dog marron 1 Plaguespreader Zombie 1 Morphtronic Datatron 2 Oilman 1 Morphtronic cloken 1 Morhtronic Boarden 1 Road Synchron 3 Quillbolt Hedgehog 2 Morphtronic Magnen 1 healing wave genarator 1 Morphtronic celfon 1 Quickdraw synchron 1 x-saber Airbellum 1 morphtronic scopen Spells 1 nobleman of crossout 2 Break! Draw! 1 Morphtronic accelerator 1 Fighting Spirit 1 Gaia Power 1 Giant trunade 1 Junk Box 1 Morphtronic Map 2 Machine assembly line Traps 2 Remote Revenge 1 Dust tornado 1 Morphtransation 1 Compulsury Evacuation Device 1 Morphtronic Mix up Xtra Deck 1Road Warrior 1Mist Wurm 1Junk warrior 1 Nitro Warrior 1 Stardust Dragon

I think that Machine assembly line is really helpful as it gives a small extra boost for the morhtronic OTK with Boarden. Also, if you use the Magnen lock and then summon a bunch of synchros you have the a very good defense I agree with not using to many repair units, you can't use the morphtronic's effect to your advantage. I need more Morphtronics, what is the booster pack you can get the most morphtronics?

(The guy with the 3rd deck list)
I got mine as singles from heroes and eBay. If you want a pack with morphtronics, its raging battle.

Well you all are right exept the whole point of Morphtronics is to work together in unison. They are open to changes and by only adding the basic Morphtronics you don't allow that. Having too many of one kind of Morphtronic can be bad. Lets say your facing someone who has a remove from play deck (such as the Dark Emperor Structure Deck). Your Morphtronic Remoten is useless and by your "revive from graveyard" strategies you are open to a quick death. You should consider adding Boomboxens and Datatrons if your caught in a bad spot to protect as well as damage your opponent. As an example I have made a deck that has won tournaments because it is able to adapt to their changes!

MONSTERS: MORPHTRONICS= (1)magnen bar (2)boarden (2)celphon (1)cameran (1)slingen (2)magnen (1)clocken (1)datatron (3)radion (2)boomboxen (1)remoten (1)scopen (1)videon

OTHERS= (1)Gadget Driver (1)Gadget Hauler (1)Gadget Arms


SPELLS: MORPHTRONICS= (2)map (1)cord (2)accelerator

OTHERS= (1)factory of 100 machines (2)double tool c&d (2)horn of the unicorn


TRAPS: MORPHTRONICS= (1)forcefield (2)bind (2)monitron (1)mix-up

OTHERS= (2)morphtransition


I hope you have fun making this deck and seeing the look on peoples faces when you CRUSH (lol) them!


My Morphtronic Deck:

Total 42

Monsters 21

3x Celfon

3x Radion

3x Boomboxen

3x Boarden

2x Remoten

2x Cameran

2x Scopen

2x Gadget Driver

1x Vacuumen

Spells 12

3x Map

3x Accelerator

2x Junk Box

2x Smashing Ground

1x Heavy Storm

1x MST

Traps 9

2x Bind

2x Scramble

2x Mix Up

2x Dust Tornado

1x Mirror Force

Sychros 10

2x Stardust Dragon

2x Thought Ruler Archfiend

2x Colossal Fighter

1x Black Rose Dragon

1x Goyo Guardian

1x Brionac

1x Power Tool Dragon

1x Red Dragon Archfiend

PS: This is my actual deck that i use.

(The guy with the 3rd deck list)
I put my deck list on here before the release of shining darkness. Vacuumen is great in moderation, and m's, scramble is also a great card. I havent really worked out what to take out for them, though. To the guy with the previous deck list - in my experience, the point is not to trash your morphtronics. It may work, since I've never run gadget hauler, but it just seems anti-synergyzing. Since you have 42 cards anyway, I say just cut them out. Even with them, though, great deck list.

Sup team, so this is my deck..


radion x3 boomboxen x3 boarden x3 celfon x3 staplen x3 slingen x2 vacuum x2 videon x1


Accelerator x3 junk box x3 U.W.S x3 Double tool CnD x3 dark hole x1 lightning vortex x2 swords of rev x1


mirror force x1 torrential tribute x1 scrap iron x1 call of the haunted x1

to the team above, thank you all for your knowledge on morphs, i've tried many morph decks from OTKs to burning direct, at the mo i constructing morph map x3 with level limit area b x1 book of moons/eclipses, windstorms of etaqua x3 no entry x3 built mainly around morph map and changing battle positions, backed up by a few staple stallers i had my celfon atking at 2700 atk points plus. any more pointers would be tremendously appreciated.

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