According to the website here it says: The process of Gemini Summoning a Gemini Monster (that is being treated as a Normal Monster by its effect) is just the same as performing any other Normal Summon, except that the monster is already on the field and you don't have to Tribute monsters for Gemini Monsters of Level 5 or above. You cannot Gemini Summon a Gemini Monster that has already been Gemini Summoned (and is still considered to have been Gemini Summoned).

So does that mean a lvl 5+ does not have to be tributed, or does it mean after it's tributed (still being a normal monster) it can just be gemini summoned w/o tributes again?

To summon a Gemini monster from your hand that is Level 5+, you must tribute the appropriate amount of tributes. Once it is on the field, you do not need to tribute to "Gemini Summon" a Gemini monster. DemonGodAsura 17:28, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

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