I am trying to get a deck with kuriboh cards and so on. Any cards in paticular that need to go in my deck?

Kuriboh Deck

If you want a kuriboh deck check this out. Its amazing.

My deck, it works really well. Leave a comment telling me what you think.

Kuriboh Decklist:

Monsters: 19

Light Fairy Marshmallon x3 Winged Kuriboh x2 Winged Kuriboh Shining Angel Sky Scourge Enrise Dark Fiend x3 Kuriboh Newdoria Dark Mimic LV1 Dark Mimic LV3 Sky Scourge Norleras x3 Giant germ Spells: 14 Multiply x2 [[Transcendent Wings<p> [[Nobleman Of Crossout<p> Giant trunade or Heavy Storm x2 Flute Of summoning Kuriboh (you may want to add another in replacement of Nobleman Of Crossout) Miracle dig Scapegoat Mystical space typhoon Double summon Mist Body (for one of the scourges) Level limit area B Traps: 10 Black horn of heaven Hidden book of spell Graceful revival Gravity Bind Call of the haunted [[Dust Horn of heaven (Easy w/ scapegoat & Kuriboh tokens Ordeal of the traveler 7 tools of the bandit Total= 42<p> The point is to take no battle damage, (or minimal) and to bring out the Scourges made easy with the selection of monsters recommended for this type of deck. You may want to replace some of the monsters for syncros just make sure theyre still fiends/fairy of dark/light. Customize to your liking :) Hope this helped

Shouldn't this go on the Deck help forum or something? No offense.--Helix-king 06:22, October 11, 2009 (UTC) I would throw in a Raviel for a beatstick with the kuriboh tokens. you should try running Darkness Neosphere my friend runs it in his kuriboh deck and its not that had to summon plus it gives you a 4000 beatstick and field control, play gravity bind so your opponent cant attck during his turn the return it to the hand your turn with neoshere and set repeat hope this helps
    • MONSTERS: 19
    • SPELLS: 12
    • TRAPS:
  • card amount: 40

About the Rainbow dragon,

replace the rainbow dragon for Machina Force. 4600 atk 4100 def. now that's unstoppable compare to rainbow.

-2 dust tornado +2 mystical space typhoon

also you can make it an berserker crusher way too by having two Machina Force and three berserker crush.

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