Well I love dinos, Started Yu-Gi-Oh with the dino structure deck like last year. Saw that regular monsters were getting beaten by synchros a lot. After seeing that they're releasing new dinos that were tuners I got happy ^_^. So created this beatdown deck using jurrac cards.

Jurrac Deck (Updated)

47 cards total, definitely need to shrink that a bit.
Well this deck is meant for syncing.
Jurrac Guivre destroying a monster practically means I can get out a Jurrac Giganot.
Jurrac Monoloph is a good card to clear the opponent's field and if it is on the field at the same time as Jurrac Giganot then it can practically get through anything.
Using Super-Ancient Dinobeast for draw power purposes, since there are about 8 cards in my deck that can activate its effect.
So far tested this deck in school its been doing well against my friends. I've won against a Lightsworn deck, Dandylion/Drill Warrior deck, Frog deck, Fish deck, and Machine deck.
This deck can become ridiculous if the duel is drawn out for a long time. Had a Giganot power up every monster by about 3000 attack points, and once I had two of them at one time and all my monsters had atk points at about 7000.
Need improvement ideas to make this deck a little more consistant. RanodmKaos 02:02, May 14, 2010 (UTC)And that I am the Gayest Guy Ever so I wanna SUCK UR BALLS

I've used a version of the Jurac deck that takes it in a completely different direction... DinOppression!
Thing is, Oppression cannot TOUCH Velo, Guivre, Stauriko, or Herra. I took advantage of this in this deck. Fossil Dig can search out every monster in the deck, not to mention the searching effects of Guivre and Velo - Jurracs have great search power. I use 3 Solidarity to power them up, but you could use Molten Destruction for more consistency - I usually find I need the extra ATK. I guess Burden of the Mighty would also work. Some of my favorite moves here are:
  • Using either Deino, Ptera and a level 4 or Garim and 2 level 4s for METEOR! It's magnificent.
  • Using Giant Trunade to bounce Oppression on my turn, setting up for synchro summons.
  • Having a Herra in-grave and a Stauriko in face-down DEF - if they attack I get both effects and my opponent has to deal with three monsters - one with 2300 ATK.
  • Using tokens from Stauriko to power Deino's draw-power effect, which is a very powerful combo in terms of card advantage.
  • Summoning Stauriko in DEF mode with Guivre - since I can't immediately be aggressive with the monster that Guivre summons, why bother trying? Instead, I can give myself a pretty good field to stop attacks. I may also go for Jurrac Ptera or Garim.
  • This one time where - swear to god - I beat a GB duelist by getting out two Jurrac tokens from Stauriko, and boosted them with TRIPLE SOLIDARITY. And managed to Solemn the Trunade they tried to use. Most hilarious win ever.

So, yeah, it's a pretty powerful deck, in my opinion. Make of that what you will. Runer5h 02:17, May 14, 2010 (UTC)Runer5h

also try to use molten destruction sinse they are beat stick

Hm, nice synchros. Jurassic World can be very useful and also Tyranno Infinity, which can be powered up by your removed from play dinos.

Umm, this topic is really old, don't bring back archived topics! If you see the little message box that says this thread is considered Archived, don't bring it back, just make a new topic, and its pretty obvious the original thread creator left this topic to die...almost 2 years have gone by. ---Crimson Joker (Talk) 03:39, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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