I want to make a arcana force deck, any tips?

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i want to make an arcana force deck but i have no idea if it would be any good or what suport cards to put in it. could you please put some sugestions.

● Add in about 3 reversal of fate if possible cause all of it is up to luck! Also, you should try getting all the Arcana Forces.

As the two previous posts suggest, try to rule out bad luck as much as possible. I just played defensively against a deck like this, let it screw itself over, and then took easy advantage when possible. Haven't lost to it yet, but then again my friend only used the common cards with none of the staples so... who knows? lol

Eminentjonfrost 12:32, 6 June 2008 (UTC)

I would advise using "solar ray," it does DMG per light monster