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okay i have a hybrid deck and i think it needs a little editing...give me some tips please and i dont have a lot of recent cards but i can go and buy some if i need to.

Hybrid Deck

Although this deck has some flaws i did whip out a pretty sick combo i had an Armed Dragon Lvl 5 out on the field my oponnent had just ended his turn and my hand had a R.E.B.D ,a B.L.S envoy of the beginning, B.L.S ritual and a chaos sorcerer my opponent had just wiped out 2 dark and 2 light monsters from my field and the next card i drew was senju which allowed me to get B.L.S. and i used senju and my R.E.B.D to ritual summon him and then special summoned Chaos sorcerer and Envoy of the beginning and used envoys effect to attack his only card up and attack again and gave him a total of 12100 damage :) i feel proud (im sure you guys can do better but im kind of a noob)

HI i really love the theme of this deck,it reminds me of the good old yu gi oh which had kaiba,yugi and joey.i also love the fact that you have their signature cards.but some of them are'nt tournament legal.i advice you to add jinzo

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