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i just bought 2 Mahine Re-Volt decks and Ultimate Gear Golem and Geartown what cards should i add and how can i build a good Ancient Gear Deck

--Let's start with the monsters.

--Then you decide ifr your gonna add those Gadjet monsters of yours,and the other small Ancient Gear monsters,but I recommend maybe 1 or 2 of The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion.

--For the Spell Cards

--And other support cards than will help your deck.Don't forget to add cards that will destroy your Geartown.

--For the Traps,it depends to you,but i recommend 1 Magical Hats,because it can use Geartown as one of the "Hats"

--Well,that's all.

--If you want to contact me,go to my talk page.

Jampong 08:47, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

put ancient gear knight, ancient gear castle , workshop , and fist u can also putgadgets in ur deck and put more traps in it like sakuretsu such stuff that should be it....

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