Witch cards can take them down?

1:Can plasma take down ra? (cus he negates effects) 2:Does skill drain make it so slifer and ra got 0 atk? 3:Does reptile medusa's special ability make it so they get 0 atk? (all of them) 4:Is it really this easy to take down the god cards?

This goes for the original god cards - with the movie effects

God Cards Illegal Version don't have proper effect. So they considered don't have any effects. As for Illegal Ra and Slifer, they have 0 Attack.

The Legal version of Ra and Obelisk don't have such effect as in the anime.... So Skill Drain will surely Drop Ra attack to 0.

Slifer doesn't have Legal version yet.

you can use the anime effect if your playing for fun at home, or if your opponent agrees with those rules. the rules in the anime for egyptian god are very confusing in the anime yami marik said that trap card are usless on egyptian god card, and spell card only last for one turn this is why monster reborn only works for one turn. let just say that if the card creators decided to put the anime effect on the legal version monster reborn would last for ever on them this is why they did not do this. monster reborn in the anime works like this if a monster is special summon with monster reborn even after monster reborn resolve your opponent can just play imperial order and the monster summon by monster reborn would be destroy. in the real game outside anime this situation never happen with this card, this is why you should never use anime effect. However it is up to you and your opponent if you want to use this anime rules effect the only thing make sure it is not use in a tournament. for anime effect only egyptian god are unaffected by effect monster except for those with name of ancient rulers, slifer the sky dragon effect can destroy slifer, ra, or obelisk if the opponent summon slifer, or ra with low attack points, and the wing dragon of ra effect can destroy obelisk, slifer, or the wing dragon of ra , obelisk the tourmanter with is effect can destroy a copy of himself on the opponent side of the field, but cannot destroy the other god, and also if all three are on the field on the controler side they become unaffected by every effect except their own, and except god vs god effect mension above. the effect i just mention is for anime only. If you prefer to use the leagal effect for the use of the non-leagal you can do that also, however slifer the sky dragon does not have a legal effect. However in the video game yugioh world championship 2010, or 2011 slifer as this effect.

tributed 3 monster to normal summon this card (you cannot set this card) the summon of this card cannot be negated. When this card is normal summon, spell , trap card, and effect monster's effect cannot be activated. This card cannot be targeted by spell, trap, and effect monster's effect. If this card is special summon it is sent to the graveyard during the end phase. This card gain 1000 attack and deffense for each card in your hand. If your opponent normal summon, or flip summon a monster with 2000 def or less destroy that monster card. This effect would be realy close to the effect of the legal slifer the sky dragon. (talk)

I'm the maker of this thread will rainbow veil work on slifer and ra? or plasma if ra is on the field and opponment summons a monster would ra drop to 0?

Wall of unsigned text :/
as for the last bit just now... wasn't it you who asked the same question just 2 days ago... didn't bother to sign there either...
-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 01:09, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

I forgot three thing about the anime effect of the god card all egyptian god card cannot switch control, and there summon can be negated, and also you cannot set egyptian god if you have any question on what are the individual anime effect of the egyptian god card post a question here and I will answer shortly. In the anime did you notice spellbinding circle lasted for one turn on slifer the sky dragon, this is because spellbinding circle in the anime is a spell card, and they accidently gave it the color of a trap card. In the real game outside anime spellbinding circle will always be a continous trap card96.44.82.53 (talk)

I answered this question a few days ago. The anime God cards don't have official effects-there isn't an exact effect.BobaFett2 (talk)

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