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Welcome to the General Yu-Gi-Oh! Discussion. This is a place for discussion about Yu-Gi-Oh! in general, or for discussion which does not fit in the other forums. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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Sticky Threads
Why we've removed the Tier Lists04:46, September 10, 2014Dinoguy1000
"Numbers" Xyz Monster Trivia15:06, August 23, 2014Dragonempeorslayer
Deck Guide15:18, August 16, 2014Gadjiltron
List of cards to side in against common decks14:44, July 1, 2013Gemini 93
Sources for set release dates?10:27, February 20, 2013Lpoi
All Threads
Why Does Everyone Use The Same Decks?11:47, October 28, 2014Gadjiltron
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival Character Decks11:22, October 28, 2014Michael lawrence dee
Triva03:05, October 26, 2014Gadjiltron
RIP Polymerization 201419:08, October 25, 2014Badaction
Deck Contest 59 is Open13:08, October 25, 2014Chromace
Why hasn't the government banned Duel Monsters?06:42, October 25, 2014DreadKaiser
Black luster ritual04:39, October 23, 2014And10x02
DVD01:49, October 22, 2014Jet-Black Nova
Which is a better set? And why?08:31, October 21, 2014Notdoppler
Is this a new Gem Knight?01:49, October 21, 2014Dark Ace SP
The most broken cards that appear in the anime/manga05:55, October 20, 2014Sanokal K-T
V Jump cards as OCG Imports.21:08, October 19, 2014Badaction
Billy Deck05:01, October 19, 2014ChaosGallade
Characters' Aftermath01:48, October 17, 2014Mistystar31
HERO's Strike17:06, October 15, 2014DreadKaiser
Chaos Deck ideas16:39, October 13, 2014BronzeJohnson
So, I Think We dun Goofed15:06, October 13, 2014Bashfrog
Genex Ally Changer in Shaddolls?23:25, October 8, 2014SuperEliteJordan
Download23:22, October 6, 2014Jet-Black Nova
Can Dragunity be made viable?19:04, October 6, 2014BronzeJohnson
F0 or 54?08:47, October 5, 2014BronzeJohnson
Unnecessary Cut-Out Scenes08:02, October 1, 2014Chiissu
Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Show + Blu-Ray?02:31, October 1, 2014Mistystar31
Anyone else buy Decks from amazon ?01:09, September 30, 2014Daywithoutgames
Dark Bribe VS wiretap VS 7 Tools14:32, September 27, 2014BronzeJohnson
Divine Spark Dragon Stardust Sifr01:07, September 26, 2014NovaTsukimori
Card Ejector DT Sets?11:24, September 25, 2014DreadKaiser
Good 60 card Deck18:36, September 24, 2014BronzeJohnson
Combo list for synchro summons15:31, September 24, 2014DreadKaiser
Gold Series Rarity rates?01:34, September 24, 2014Lire711
Arc-V: The era of poorly designed Archtypes?11:48, September 22, 2014BronzeJohnson
Tomb-Keeper's Initiation--Odion and Marik19:33, September 19, 2014Mistystar31
Majestic mech XYZ10:38, September 19, 2014Gadjiltron
Shadow Realm + Mind or Soul23:16, September 18, 2014Hastydemon2
Kaiba-No Friendship + Brotherhood17:33, September 18, 2014Mistystar31
Infernoid Nehemoth13:23, September 16, 2014NovaTsukimori
Which seller on amazon has cheapest shipping cost ?17:08, September 13, 2014Daywithoutgames
Ebon Illusion Magician03:04, September 11, 2014Sanokal K-T
Can you use the combination of abyss soldier and warrior of atlantis06:12, September 10, 2014Sanokal K-T
Clearing up xyz monsters00:50, September 10, 2014Hastydemon2
Are Altered Art Cards legal to play?17:49, September 8, 2014BronzeJohnson
Red eyes potential as pendulum16:07, September 7, 2014BronzeJohnson
Pendulum Monsters and the Future14:21, September 3, 2014Djt08031996
Sensing a pattern.01:40, September 2, 2014Missign0
Yami is the ghost of puberty20:48, August 31, 2014Okamoto Takeo
Rule Changes?07:39, August 30, 2014Blackwings0605
Cards based on Konami03:27, August 30, 2014Warnzzz
Is this what you would call a missprint?00:52, August 29, 2014Badaction
Jap YGO manga17:48, August 27, 2014Medi.demirdelen
Monsters banished are "destroyed"?05:48, August 25, 2014Sanokal K-T
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