Yo! I'm making a gamble deck right now for fun and its turning out pretty good you know for a deck as unpredictable as it is. The problem is that the deck itself doesn't feel as gambley as it could be. I was wondering if you cats could advise some cards to add or subtract or even if you knew of any gamble cards. You know just to make it better

Heres what I managed to scrounge together so far:

MONSTERS Twin Barrel Dragon (x3) SPELLS Dangerous Machine Type-6 (x2) Question Cup of Ace (x2) Magical Mallet Fissure Monster Reborn Book of Moon Lightning Vortex And of course Mystical space Typhoon Share the Pain Shrink (x2)

TRAPS Threatening Roar (x2) A Hero Emerges Security Orb Mirror Force Defense Draw Barrel Behind the Door Torrential Tribute

Yea, Second Coin Toss is a necessity probably multiples in that type of deck would be appropiate

sasuke samurai # 4

Fiend Comedian

He's a very powerful card but very unpredictable. Can cripple a number of meta decks like LS or Blackwings but can hurt you just as badly if you don't get a positive coin toss Steelfallenangel 03:20, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

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