This is a deck based around Gallis' burn effect. Basically, I use Convulsion of Nature and Deep Diver to manipulate my deck so I can get the most out of Gallis' effect. Des Feral Imp, A Feather of the Phoenix, The Transmigration Prophecy, and Pot of Avarice allows me to recycle the cards I need to pull the effect off, while Back to Square One and Compulsory Evacuation Device bounces Gallis back to my hand for reuse. Since i have a lot of high-level monsters, I chose the ones that I can easily summon out, that way I don't have to rely on an empty field or the weak Gallis for protection. The Messengers of Peace are in place as an easily-destroyed, low-cost barrier against the opponent's monsters. It's not perfect, and I haven't tested it out, yet, but you've got to give me credit for originality. 04:04, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

Gallis burn deck

Begone Knave?


Have you tried Begone, Knave! in your deck? I'm not quite sure if it'll be good or not, but you should definitely give it a shot. It'll return your high level monsters to your hand and such like that. You might need it? . Definitely seems like a good addition in my view, but my view is warped. -- 17:10, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Well, here's the thing; the strategy is to recycle the high-level monsters I have from my graveyard to my deck, not my field to my hand. The only monster I'm bouncing back to my hand is Garris himself, for reuse. And, since I'm not exactly planning on battling with Garris, Begone Knave! just isn't going to be useful to me. 23:01, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Oh I see. I gotcha. Well in that case I would run three feathers of the phoenix in your deck. Then a couple of Big Eye(s) should work out perfectly for you. The flaw with the Deep Diver is that if it is successfully destroyed by battle, during your opponents turn, your only waste a draw you might've had, where as Big Eye can help maneuver some of your cards around in an order so that way you can use them. If you're going to run reckless, you're going to want to run three of them because two for some reason, hasn't proved to be practical. For example, lets say you have two of them, you use the first one, draw two cards, wait till your next draw phase, and you've drawn another reckless. Having Raiza The Storm Monarch in your deck would be helpful as well because you can even bounce back your monsters if you need to (even though you said from graveyard to deck). It can really shatter your opponents strategy for whatever it may be, and it may even give you a big advantage. Those are really the only cards I know that would help your deck. Sorry. The first time I read this deck I didn't grasp it's full intentions. Hahaha. --VylitLovesViolence 00:09, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

EDIT: Also, adding things that cost one less tribute, like some of the Magestic Mech series and the Emissary from Pandemonium would help as well. Adding skill drain might give yourself the advantage as well in certain situations seeing as how you would have these assortments of monsters. You would still be able to use Gallis' effect.

You don't seem to get the purpose of this deck at all, do you? See the Wall of Revealing Light and Messengers of Peace? Those are to keep the opponent from attacking, not just to prevent them from dealing major damage due to not having any monsters on the field, but also so I can control when I activate Deep Diver and Des Feral Imp. Plus, with Deep Diver, I can select exactly which monster I want to put on the top of my deck, thus setting up for another Gallis burn. Big Eye just doesn't work for this deck, I'm sorry.

Also, I've gotten along very well with just two Reckless Greeds; I run a Senet Switch deck with two of them, and they work fine for me. So no, 2 is plenty fine for me, and that goes for A Feather of the Phoenix, as well; I've got the Des Feral Imps to take up the slack.

Finally, the monsters your suggesting won't work, since I'm not planning on having any monsters on my field, most of the time, unless I need a monster wall. It's counterproductive to my strategy; as a Gallis Burn, this deck will generally have most of the monsters in it bouncing between the top of the deck and the graveyard and back again, almost NEVER touching the field unless I manually summon them, and if I do that, it's only going to be when I don't have my Wall of Revealing Light or Messenger of Peace on the field and I need to block a big assault. That's key to Gallis' effect; it moves the monsters from the deck to the graveyard, and since I'm planning on reusing him over and over again, I'll be bouncing Gallis back to my hand every turn, meaning he'll usually NOT be on the field, either. So these one tribute/two tribute monsters won't work, since I usually won't have the monsters on the field I need to summon them.

So, I'm sorry, but your suggestions aren't helpful; they are really counterproductive to the strategy, if you bothered to understand what the strategy was. On that note, I've got a few suggestions of my own that I've thought about; replacing the Cyber Dragon with three Vice Dragons (same effect, but with a restriction, but the fact that it's unlimited evens things out), and the addition of a couple of Skill Drains (have to be careful with Des Feral Imp and Pitch-Black Warwolf, but other than them, all of my monsters activate either in the hand or in the graveyard, preventing them from being negated. Plus, it'll keep the opponent from using Brionac or Dark Armed Dragon or Snipe Hunter or something similar to bust down my defenses. 01:36, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

So if I understand correctly, you're trying to burn your opponents life points with Gallis' effect that bounces the first card, from the top of your deck, to the graveyard to inflict this in direct damage and you're saying a big eye wouldn't work? There is hardly any control in this deck, why not give yourself control the factors. I'm assuming that you will have Gallis in your hand at all times. So why wouldn't big eye contribute to your deck when most of your other monster and trap cards aren't very controlled? Yes, they play a big part of getting your cards back to your deck, but why not control the factor at least some more, and have an effect that allows you to search cards out so that way you may be able use Gallis effect over and over and over again. At the best you may be able to use it five times. Big Eye, in this deck can rearrange cards in a manner that would give your Gallis advantage as far as burning goes which makes it a controllable factor card.

Ok, I submit to the fact that you won't be summoning, but the point I wasn't trying to make wasn't summoning the monster, it was the option to. Magestic Mech Goka is the fact that it has a fair amount of stars and can be summoned without a tribute, mind you that it will be destroyed at the end of the phase. But with your Transmigration Prophecy at work, why would it matter? You could just bounce him right back. So, at this point, since you have said "I'm not planning on "having" any monsters on my field, most of the time" why would you have cards like Pitch-Black and Deep Diver? Those are cards that require themselves to be on the field in order for their effects to take place. Ok, so you'll have three cards that will prevent attacking, so what? Those are three cards in your whole deck meant for the sole purpose of keeping your monsters alive, but whats the point if you don't draw them. Your strategy falls apart at that point because you have nothing to defend yourself with against main stream decks. Yes, they are a nice addition, but there aren't enough of them. They are luxury cards. BUT, with Big Eye, you'd be able to set your draws up in an order to where you can gather up one of those crazy defense cards, maybe, and use Gallis' effect. Big Eye would be a completely huge asset to this deck. You go on to say that you are replacing your Cyber Dragon with Vice Dragons... Why? Yeah, ok more monsters to special summon. Whoop-de-doo. But you said yourself that you wont normally have monsters on the field anyway! So there is little point to having a monster like that. All you do is set yourself up for a series of cards you may not be able to use.

I'm defending my previous statements by saying; The point I was trying to make was to give you more options as to what you can do, not to change the way the deck works. I'm looking at your deck saying, "I like it, it's got potential" but what you need are some more control factors. The majority of cards you have don't allow you to make sure that a certain card ends up at the top of your deck. It's incredibly inconsistent, so why not change the consistency of the cards you draw with Big Eye?

Oh yeah. Realistically you may only need one Pot of Avarice because with the assortment of cards you have right now, you may not often have five or more cards in your graveyard. In replacement of that Pot of Avarice you could add another Transmigration Prophecy. Shit that is more controllable. It's all about how controlling your deck really is, and how you use different cards to control it.

Examples of Inconsistencies in your Deck: (All assuming you have Gallis in your hand)

Transmigration Prophecy: This card requires you to shuffle your deck, you will not be able to choose which cards you will want to end up at the top of your deck. Even with compulsion of nature, who's to say that if by CHANCE you get a monster at the top of your deck you will have another after that? It is a good card to have though, so keep it there. It'll make sure you won't run out of burning materials for Gallis.

Des Feral Imp: This card ALSO requires you to shuffle your deck. It is, yet again, by chance that you will have a monster on the top of your deck, even with compulsion of nature. Yet again, though, good card to have. It'll keep the materials flowing.


Those are the only cards that I find that you will have little to no control factors over.

Also, I submit to your knowledge of reckless greed. But it seems that your deck requires you to also discard cards from your hand to use their effects, so why not try and get the most out of your draws by having a third one. The more cost (assuming the cost is discarding) you have, the more options you have. --VylitLovesViolence 02:37, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

You're not listening to a word I'm saying, are you?

Deep Diver I'll be suiciding MYSELF, not keep on the field waiting for the opponent to destroy it. Why would I have Wall of Revealing Light and the Messengers of Peace if I was relying on the OPPONENT to make my effects go off for me? And Deep Diver's effect activates AFTER it's destroyed, IN THE GRAVEYARD, so it won't be affected by Skill Drain. Do your research before you start condemning the cards as "luxury cards".

Big Eye, however, won't help my deck AT ALL; controlling the top three cards of my deck is NOTHING compared to being able to get whatever monster I need for Gallis' effect AT WILL. And besides that, Big Eye's effect is completely determined by random LUCK; what if the top three cards in my deck are NOT monsters, at the time Big Eye activates, huh? I'd have wasted its effect, that's what. Plus, since Big Eye is a flip effect, I have to waste a turn before I can manually activate it, if it survives that long, which means MY strategy is stalled a turn, and if the opponent activates its effect through an attack or something, I'll be wasting a draw, that way; with Deep Diver, I can suicide it into the opponent's monster the moment I summon it, ensuring I get its effect off when I want it to. There's more consistency with Deep Diver than there is with Big Eye, period; a controllable, GUARANTEED monster on the top of my deck, compared to a random roulette that may or may not pay off for me. No, thanks, I'll take the guarantee.

You're also not getting at all what I'm talking about with my monsters; they're primarily going to be used to deal damage with Gallis' effect, but IF NEED BE, I can summon them, which is why I chose cards like Fusilier Dragon, Barbaros, etc; they've got the high levels needed for Gallis' effect, while being able to be summoned WITHOUT TRIBUTE and REMAIN on the field, IF AND WHEN I need to use them as a monster shield, in case my stall spells/traps get nuked. Your suggestion for Gouka won't work, because if I need him as a shield (which is what I'd use them for IF I needed to summon them), having it be destroyed at the end of the turn would NOT WORK. And as I said before, since I'd only be summoning them if I NEED a monster shield, most of the time I WON'T have a monster on the field, so any monsters like Emissary from Pandemonium won't work, since I'd usually have no monsters on the field to summon them. As for Cyber Dragon and/or Vice Dragon, think about this: they can be summoned if the opponent has monsters but I don't, and since most of the time I WON'T have any monsters on the field, that means I can EASILY summon them out as a shield if I need to. Didn't think about that, huh?

As for Pot of Avarice, Transmigration Prophecy (which is STILL LIMITED TO ONE, so the one I have is the ONLY ONE I CAN HAVE) and Des Feral Imp are there to return the monsters I sent to the graveyard for Gallis' effect back to the deck for reuse. It doesn't matter that they shuffle the deck, afterward, because most of the time, one of the monsters I bring back with them is the same Deep Diver I used to bring the monsters out, in the first place. So, logically, I'll be able to get the loop back up and running sooner than you think. How's THAT for inconsistency? Plus, I've had bad experience with having THREE Reckless Greeds in my deck; two works fine, but three actually holds up the deck for me instead of making things run smoother, so no, I'll stick with what I know, and I know two is PLENTY for this deck.

The ONLY thing that you might have a point about is Pitch-Black Warwolf; I consider it a staple, as it prevents the opponent from kicking off the most popular of traps, but that wouldn't be really useful for this deck. I'm not sure what I can replace it with, but I'll think of something. I may also look into at least side decking Lighten the Load, considering how many level 7 and above monsters I have in my deck, I can return them to the deck if I don't need them in my hand, at the time, so they'd be ready to be dredged up by Deep Diver and sent to the grave for Gallis.

Sorry, man, but I'm sticking to my guns; your suggestions do not help this deck, they greatly hinder it, and I am not going to screw up my deck like that. 03:35, 3 July 2009 (UTC) _________________________________ Ok, first of all, I got what you meant by suiciding into your opponents monster, I got that. It's useful in that aspect but then you waste a normal summon by doing so, and what if that doesn't work? What then? And I never condoned Skill Drain to be a luxury card, just Deep Diver, which is useful in some situations like all cards. Skill Drain is an extremely useful card and can render most decks completely useless. So I'm not even trying to say, "Replace Deep Diver with Big Eye" or anything to that effect, sorry you took it that way.

Please read Big Eye. First off, it's not 3 cards. Had it been 3 cards I would've withdrew my argument, stopped, and said "Hey man you're right".It lets you see and rearrange the first 5 cards off the top of your deck. That's useful considering, along with your draw that's about 1/7 of your deck you're looking at, so even if you don't get a monster there's a good chance one of your few spells, that help you stop attacking is going to be in there.

As for the whole argument with the Cyber Dragon, Goka, etc, you're right. Goka wouldn't work as a part of your deck. I was thinking, the more high level monsters that are easy to summon, the better. But you make a point that it can't be used as a shield. And as for changing Pot for Transmigration, I didn't know it was limited to one, so I'm sorry I caused you the trouble.

Look, for the most part I think you see what I'm getting at, and I'm being optimistic at best about that. I'm not saying that I want you to replace those cards with the cards I'm suggesting, I'm merely suggesting them because I can see their usefulness in a deck like this.

So, right now, I'm sorry. I'll still say Big Eye can be an influential part of this deck, especially if you run reckless in it. Oh, and as for reckless I'll leave that as an opinion as far as deck building goes because I've seen plenty of people run three in really wacky decks and nothing seems to go wrong.

As for Pitch-Black Warworlf that's tricky because there aren't many cards that can help you negate trap cards on command. Maybe one Jinzo? It's up to you. Lighten the Load would also be smart because it gives you more different chances of getting a different card.

I like this deck to be honest and I definitely wouldn't mind building one.

First of all, where did I say that you said Skill Drain was a luxury card? I didn't; I said you said Deep Diver was a luxury card, and I only mentioned Skill Drain in regards to it, because you seemed to be under the impression that a) I was going to have the opponent destroy Deep Diver for me instead of suiciding it myself, and b) Deep Diver's effect would need it to be on the field to go off, when it only needs to be destroyed, which I can control myself.

Second, you DID say that they were "luxury cards", because my strategy would fall apart with them in the deck. So don't you dare give me that "I never suggested removing them", because your statements about them pretty much said "get rid of them, they're harming your deck".

Third, Big Eye is NOT influential in this deck, and will never be influential in this deck. Why? First of all, it's a flip effect, which makes me waste a turn before activating it, and slows my strategy down too much for me to compensate (true, Des Feral Imp is a flip effect, too, but at least its effect IS necessary to this deck, unlike Big Eye's). Second, the effect is based on LUCK, the luck of what I have on the top of my deck, which - WITHOUT those Deep Divers that you seem to hate so much - I have virtually no control over what's in there. With over half of my deck dedicated to spell and trap cards, and most of the monsters in the deck transitioning between the deck and the graveyard, most of the time, there's no way in hell I'd be able to get any real use out of Big Eye's effect consistently. And what's this crap about it being good "especially with Reckless Greed"? Reckless Greed is just a drawing card, nothing more; it doesn't manipulate my deck at ALL, and as you said, a lot of my recursion cards SHUFFLE THE DECK, so with or without Reckless Greed, Big Eye's effect would become useless, as a result. No, I need cards that can GUARANTEE me a monster on top of the deck, and not just letting me play five card monte in an attempt to find my ace in the hole. Bottom line: Big Eye is nowhere near as reliable or effective as Deep Diver, and I am not going to risk the stability of this deck on it. 05:56, 3 July 2009 (UTC)

You've Impressed Me.

This might be one of the most bizarre decks I've ever seen. And I pride myself on making bizarre decks. It looks good, but you are missing one very important thing; Trade-In! You can discard copies of Barbaros or Barbaros-Ur that make it to your hand. Furthermore, you've got plenty of ways to return them to the deck between Imp and the Feather, and the Prophecy too. I'm betting that you could definitely run 3 copies. Runer5h 00:50, 4 July 2009 (UTC)Runer5h

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