I like using duel disks when im dueling with my friends. Ive been using my synchro deck in a gx duel disk because i can use sleeves. Does anyone know if the new duel disk yusei fudo is able to fit sleeves or not? Does anyone have one?

Not Relieced

The Yusei duel disk has yet to be relieced to the TCG. It's unknown when it will be relieced. The delux package in Japan comes with card sleeves, allong with several promo cards, so I guess it would fit card sleeves --RyuPhalian 19:30, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

Thought it was all but confirmed

I thought we knew it was coming out and that Vice Dragon was coming with it. At least thats what the pages say is where yes you'll find out they redid the duel disk so it can hold 40 sleeved cards comfortably, has the RFG/ Extra Deck Zones, and the graveyard can also hold 30 sleeved cards comfortably.

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