Long ago, I use to have a deck that focused on Blue-Eyes. After many years of losing and gaining back interest in the game, getting the deck disassembled and several other events, I've re-vamped the deck to now not only summon Blue-Eyes, but also to summon Dragon-type synchro monsters. It's still a work in progress, so does anyone have any suggestions?

Dragon Synchro Deck

Thanks in advance for your advice everyone! BobTheJesusPunk 01:33, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

I suggest taking out the normal monsters and replacing them with something better. Maybe you can replace the multiple blue eyes you have with one more white horned dragon (if it's in your power) and another monster with an effect. White Horned Dragon is a good card to have around, if you're running him because he can stop a lot of players strategies. For example; lets say someone runs malicious in his deck, you can remove malicious and have White Horned Dragon gain 300 ATK. You don't have to remove five. It's a really good card, as long as you have means of summoning it. Replace the Iron Chain Coil with a Krebons. Iron Chain Coil can gain 300 ATK each turn, but that doesn't serve any real purpose, even if you extra deck a Iron Chain Dragon. Krebons is an especially good card because you can stall with it. You also might want to add a Lava Dragon or two depending on how badly you want to Synchro Summon, but if you do this you would also want to add more lower level monsters. If your bigger intent is to tribute your monsters you can add multiples of Treeborn Frog to your deck. They help for being tribute fodder and can easily pop out your White Horned Dragon. Replacing a Blue Eyes in a deck like this with a Tyrant Dragon would also be a good idea because then you could pop two monsters and be safe from any traps. Adding Hardened Armed Dragon would be useful as well because if you used that for a tribute too then you'd be able to make your Tyrant Dragon impervious to monster effects.

Now if you're going to be all about the Blue Eyes, I suggest that you go with tree born frog because that is one less tribute you need to get the mighty blue eyes out. You should remove the Paladin of White Dragon because he only slows your game down, like most ritual monsters, unless you have support specifically for them. In a deck like this though, it would only slow you down. Lets be honest, what are the chances of you getting both of those cards in one hand, in a 40 card deck? Not very high. I would suggest getting the White Stone of Legend in your deck because it sends the blue eyes into your hand with ease, and it's a tuner as well. Adding Foolish Burial to a deck like this would help as well. Not only could you send Treeborn Frog to the graveyard to get him next turn, you could also send the White Stone of Legend to the graveyard to get a Blue Eyes right to your hand for easy access. You can Also add Chthonian Emperor Dragon and Ancient Rules to your deck to help you summon a high level monster and be able to attack twice during the same turn. You could also scope of the Blue Eyes support magic card Burst Stream of Destruction

If you wanted to go even further there's a chance you can get out a Trident Dragon with your assortment of cards. Lets say Blue Eyes survives a turn and you top deck one of your multiple Magma Drago's, you'd be able to synchro the two suckers for Trident Dragon and have the potential for a OTK depending on the rest of the cards you have in your hand. This would be especially useful because if you happen to have a Magma Drago/Krebons, an Ancient Rules, and a Chthonian Emperor Dragon in your hand then you'd be able to get out an 8 star synchro monster like Stardust or Red Dragon. Running three Treeborns, Three Magma Dragos, One Krebons, and Two/Three Chthonian Emperor Dragons would be a nice assortment to a deck like this.

Weakness to this deck would include the old fashion dragon capture jar, bottomless trap hole, and other assortments of things to destroy your creatures before you can use them. Adding Cold Wave(s) and another Cease Fire might help for preparing yourself for anything that may destroy your monsters before you can use their effects to their full capacity.

put in debris dragon in ur deck


I would drop the Iron Chain Coil and Iron Chain Dragon.I know that they are Dragons but they really don't have much place in a good deck like this.I would add Debris Dragon and Hyper Synchron for some good Dragon support.All in all, this a good dragon deck.Its not filled with cheap beatdown cards.Hope to duel you some day


I would drop the Iron Chain Coil and Iron Chain Dragon.I know that they are Dragons but they really don't have much place in a good deck like this.I would add Debris Dragon and Hyper Synchron for some good Dragon support.All in all, this a good dragon deck.Its not filled with cheap beatdown cards.Hope to duel you some dayUltimatebattledragon 18:50, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Some Thoughts

You have received tons of great advice so far. I'm also in the middle of improving and revamping my Blue-Eyes deck. The great thing about dragons is that you can go in so many different directions with the deck and still have TONS of great combinations. For instance the deck I had put together was a Blue-Eyes fusion deck. Now that things have progressed some I'm merging my fusions to go along with my synchros. For your situation I would add one more Magna Drago and take out Iron Chain Coil. It will help your synchros in the long run. Now I know every one and their mother loves Krebons but I have another card to throw into the mix. It's called Shiba-Warrior Taro. This way you don't have to worry about sacrificing life points to save Krebons. Some other synchro monsters to include in your extra deck would be Thought Ruler Archfiend, Exploder Dragonwing, and Black Rose Dragon.

As far as running normal monsters in your deck I don't really have a big deal about that. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a great beat stick and always will be. The key is to get him out quickly and with support. There are several great dragon monsters that will help you here. White Stone of Legend has already been mentioned and I agree that it is a must if you are serious about keeping Blue-Eyes as a main feature in your deck. I would also throw in a couple of Vanguard of the Dragon cards. This card is great for getting Blue-Eyes out of the graveyard by teaming this card up with Foolish Burial or by using the card's effect itself and use Blue-Eyes as the discard. Your oppenent will think twice about using cards such as Mirror Force or Lightning Vortex because it would immediately summon a beat stick like Blue-Eyes. You could also incorporate other normal monsters such as Luster Dragon #2 or Red-Eyes B. Dragon this way. Although they don't have effects they can still cause damage and slow your opponent down. The last two cards you might want to consider are also Decoy Dragon and Totem Dragon. Decoy is a great stall tactic and Totem is even better than Kaiser Sea Horse since it deals with ALL dragons and not just Light Attribute ones.

One last way to utilize your dragons even more would to try and set up fusions that involve Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Five-Headed Dragon. If you are using White Stone of Legend it makes getting Blue-Eyes Ultimate even easier to get out. This strategy would require you to utilize at least two Polymerization cards, Future Fusion, and at least two Dragon's Mirror cards. Dragon's Mirror is especially useful to get out Five-Headed Dragon by also using Troop Dragon or Montage Dragon to get dragons into the graveyard faster. Thunder Dragon can also be used to get him out by adding dragon's to your hand if you have a Poly or Future Fusion.

As for other helpful dragon type monsters I would maybe replace some of your Armed Dragons and Horus' with Strong Wind Dragon or Tiger Dragon. Armed and Horus work much better if you are running more of them in your deck to ensure they get out faster and should be more of a deck focus instead of just throw in cards. But of course you don't have to do that if you are partial to Armed Dragon and Horus. I know I am.

Lastly I just want to recommend a few other spells and traps for your deck. I would definitely throw in a Heavy Storm and Lightning Vortex. I feel they should be staples in almost every deck. I would remove Negate Attack and replace it with Sakuretsu Armor in triplicate if possible. Destroying a monster is far better than just negating the attack don't you think? :) If you have the means I strongly advise getting a Mirror Force. This should also be a staple in every deck. And as of Sept. 1, 2009 Monster Reborn is Forbidden in any kind of advance tournament play so I would possibly replace that with Monster Reincarnation or Call of the Haunted.

I hope any of this is helpful to you and steers you in some directions that you may not have thought of before or seem adventurous to you. Good luck and duel well!! DarkWorldRuler 9 September 2009

Dragon Synchro deck (blue-eyes themed) ideas

My friend actually runs a Blue-Eyed synchro deck (thanks to the addition of white stone of legend) It also runs three copies of "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" for quick tribute/synchro material. Also, due to the inclusion of "Black Luster Soldier" for his "Dragon Master Knight" (along with a dragon's mirror) it allows him to use Draco Equiste.

While this may not be the purpose of your deck, I just thought i'd like to show you other options for a deck that others have played before me.

Another combo he's used to get out the new "Red Nova Dragon" is to use a "Descending Lost Star", as opposed to his darkness metal, to bring out red dragon archfiend in defense. The reasoning behind this is because lost star decreases red dragon's level by one. what is the point you may ask? Debris Dragon. Summon it and use it's effect to summon back the level one "White Stone of Legend" to give you the (now required) five stars of tuners to summon out Red Nova.

Another friend runs an (while it holds no reference to a dragon synchro deck, it's also another way to bring out red dragon) Archfiend's Roar, as it allows red dragon to be summoned back for a turn for attacking/use for a synchro summon of something like red nova.

another strategy, since you are running Blue Eyes (a level eight dragon in it's own right) is to run the level two "Magna Drago" who can tune together to summon out the level ten "Trident Dragion" with his devastating multi-attack ability.

as of now there are four dragon synchros (to my knowledge) that are not a part of the Dragunity or other such archetypes: "White Stone of Legend" "Magna Drago" "Delta Tri" and "Debris Dragon" which are, respectfully, levels one, two, three, and four, each with their own respective effects, all of which (aside from Magna Drago) which can work well towards your goals.

White stone is obvious for a blue-eyes deck, as it allows a you to add one of the legendary buggers to your hand from your deck upon being sent, not tuned, not destroyed, not discarded, merely sent, to the graveyard. The playability here is obvious, as it can be discarded for a cost, tuned off for a synchro summon, tributed for the blue eyes already in your hand, or even sent from the deck to the grave for something like foolish burial or future fusion(for Five-Headed Dragon).

Magna drago is actually the least helpful towards synchro swarming, but as it is level two, it is probably one of the better choices for a red-nova deck, as two of them will allow you to summon out the mighty beast. Also, due to their attack gaining effect, so long as they continue to do damage red dragon won't smite them for their laziness.

Delta tri is helpful for any number of synchro summons. While it may be only level three, with relatively low stats for a dragon, its ability more than makes up for it. Once per turn you can increase the level of a monster you control by one. So, where you would only have been able to summon say, iron chain dragon with your level three tuner and your level three masked dragon etc., you can now summon the level seven black rose/ancient fairy dragons. or, where you could normally summon those two, you can now summon red dragon archfiend or stardust dragon. where you could only summon one of the previous, suffice you have a third monster to tune off, you can now summon the devious "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" (upon it's fated release, that is.) or, where you could summon Trishula, you can now summon "Trident Dragion", however for this final synchro I would suggest a nice "Genesis Dragon", a level six light dragon with twenty two attack, that, when sent from the field to the graveyard period allows you to return all dragons, including itself, from the graveyard to the deck, allowing you to re-use those lovely tuners and blue-eyes, along with any synchro dragons you may already have used prior.

Debris dragon is probably the most situational, but most helpful in a dragon synchro deck. This is because it can ONLY be used for a dragon synchro. many decks however, don't have a problem with that what with the wide-spread use of the signer dragons (Power Tool/Life Stream being the only exceptions.) not only dose it boast a hearty 2000 defense, but it also allows you to summon one monster from your graveyard with 500 or less attack. While it's effect is negated, that monster can then be used for a synchro summon... suffice it is NOT level four. However, the effect is only negated while face up. White stone's effect will still go off again once it is sent to the grave a second time. Suggested cards to work with Debris dragon are "Marshmallon" or "Snowman Eater" for ancient fairy/black rose, or "White Stone of Legend" or "Red-Eyes B. Chick" should you want a red-eyes build instaid.(as REB.C is the only non-tuner level one dragon I have come across with 500 or less attack, and is perfect for summoning a formula synchron for shooting star in staid.)

All of these, as stated earlier, can be supported by Darkness Metal as they are all dragons, along with being tuners. While Darkness Metal itself cannot be used (on account of being level ten itself, unless you can reduce it's level by one for a white darkness tune for trident) it makes excellent support, especially for your "Stardust Dragon" which has been destroyed by battle.

Well, i've taken up too much of your time. hope that all helped!

Ja Ne!

~Harkel Tu

Wow just two months ago I got back into the game and was revamping my own Blue-eyes deck to add synchros. I ended up dumping Blue eyes all together. ----

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