-I once used a D-Hero Deck,then I discovered a hard OTK.I have a Clock Tower Prison (with 4 Clock Counters on it)on the field,and in my hand,I have 2 Dashers,1 Diamond Dude, 1 Malicious,and 1 Final Destiny.

-Then its my Draw Phase,I activate Final Destiny.I discarded the 4 D-Heroes,and the one that I've draw,destroying all cards on the field,including Clock Tower Prison.Then I Special Summon Dreadmaster from my deck,and Special Summon 2 more D-Heroes from my Graveyard,due to the effect of Dreadmaster.I can Special Summon 2 Dashers from my Graveyard,to have my Dreadmaster's attack Increase to 4200,or Special Summon 1 Dasher,1 Diamond Dude,and 1 Malicious,to have my Dreadmaster's attack Increase to 4300.Then,because my opponent's field is wide open,I attack directly, having my opponent have a damage of 8400,or 8600.

-I always win when I use this OTK,especially now that i use Black Rose Dragon on my deck.

mirror force!!!

--if you mean you will activate Mirror Force to destroy my attacking monsters,that isn't possible.When i activate Final Destiny or Black Rose Dragon's destruction effetc,all cards are destroyed,so my opponent will have an open field.

--And even if you use Mirror Force on my Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster,it won't destroy him,he can't be destroyed by both battle and card effect in one turn,after he has been special summon.


If you're going to summon Malicious, why don't you Tribute him for Dasher's effect, then get another Malicious with its own effect? You could also gun to get Final Destiny on the top of your deck for Diamond Dude's effect. Danny Lilithborne 23:05, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

--im not using Final Destiny using Demise, King of Armageddon and Black Rose Dragon now.

--Jampong 13:57, 27 April 2009

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