Monsters: Dark paladin x3



The tactic of this deck is to summon dark paladin and use him and royal decree to prevent the use of spell and trap cards of the opponent. Please give feedback on how i could improve this deck.

Monster effects can still hurt you. But... you can't use Divine Wrath because of Royal Decree, so I guess you can't have that. Hm... Royal Decree = 2/41, I think you should have something to either get one back ( Mask of Darkness ) if it's destroyed, or, something to search for it if such a card exists. That, or, a Jinzo or three. I'd really suggest a Nobleman of Crossout as flip-effects may pwn your paladin. Zeek Aran 04:12, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

  • An interesting and more unique way of using the Dark Paladin is with DNA Surgery. Declare all monsters Dragon-Type when you activate it. This will increase your Dark Paladin's damage by a lot. Please take this as a minor suggestion. Best of luck! Chris427 05:45, 5 June 2008 (UTC)Chris427

Take in mind I just now got back into the game, but I would recommend Diffusion Wave Motion and Spell Economics. That should take care of the vast majority of monster effects. Subcontinental86 04:09, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

My thoughts would be to add 2 Vice Dragon and 2 Chaos Sorcerer...and a Bait Doll since the backrow is now heavy with traps, and a Tribute Doll.DragonWater (talkcontribs) 21:26, December 7, 2010 (UTC)DragonwaterDragonWater (talkcontribs) 21:26, December 7, 2010 (UTC)

how about using A Cat of Ill Omen to get royal decree faster. also use summoner's art rather than dark magic curtain, since it has no cost and you don't need dark magician on the field but on your hand. also use Future Fusion.

any deck with Dark Magician Girl could use Black Magic Ritual and Magician of Black ChaosDjt08031996 (talkcontribs) 17:54, February 13, 2014 (UTC) carmen electra x21 polymerizationx9 robert dowdedy juniorx10 porn tapex5 vietnamese orphanx2 brangelinax1 eric cartmanx3 kennyx1 (lol joke he's dead) :P kiss my ass(mel gibson)x3

Buster Blader should stay

Why would you take Buster Blader out of a Dark paladin deck, even if you run a substitute, you should run the original. Plus you can't use Future fusion with fusion substitutes. But ya, keep Buster Blader and pull King of the swamp to 2 and add 2 of the hex sealed fusions. Oh, and this is not a spell caster deck, keep Luster Dragon, since dark paladin gains attack for each dragon in every graveyard, take out gemini elf and put in another dragon, like Spear Dragon or something. Also why did you add 4 Apprentice Magicians Tantara, mistake?--Helix-king 15:03, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

advanced dark paladin deck

monsters 2x Dark magician 2x buster blader 1x Dark armed dragon 1x destiny hero-dasher 1x gorz emissary of darkness 1x armogeddon knight 1x dark grepher 1x blackwing gale the hurricane 1x breaker the magical warrior 1x card trooper 1x dandylion 1x dd crow 3x necro gaurdna 1x neo spacian- grand mole 2x phantom of chaos 1x plageuspreader zombie

spells 2x allure of darkness 1x brain control 1x burial from the different dimension 2x foolish burial 2x fusion gate 1x future fusion 2x gold sarcophagus 1x heavy storm 1x monster reborn 1x mst 1x swing of memories 1x swords of revealing light

traps 2x dark bribe 1x mirror force 2x scrap iron scare crow 1x solmn judgement

extra deck 2x stardust dragon 1x red archfiend dragon 1x collosal fighter 3x dark paladin 1x armory arm 1x black rose dragon 1x blackwing armor master 1x broniac, dragon of the ice boundary 1x iron chain dragon 1x thought ruler archfiend 1x goyo gaurdian 1x dark end dragon credits dalirre

Dark Paladin Quick Complete Lockdown Deck


  • Morphing Jar x1
  • King of The Swamp x3
  • Marshmallon x1
  • D.D. Warrior Lady x2
  • Mirage Dragon x2
  • Skilled Dark Magician x2
  • Breaker the Magical Warrior x2
  • Prime Material Dragon x2
  • Dark Magician x3
  • Buster Blader x2


  • Royal Decree x3
  • Mirror Force x1


  • Polymerization x3
  • Fusion Recovery x1
  • Forbidden Chalice x3
  • Summoner's Art x2
  • Emblem of Dragon Destroyer x2
  • Magical Dimension x2
  • Nobleman of Crossout x2
  • Pot of Avarice x1
  • Swords of Revealing Light x1
  • Dark Magic Curtain x1


  • Dark Paladin x3

--Williamchan1993 14:29, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

Dark Paladin + synchro

it is not my deck... it is just couple of cards...

•3x debris dragon (our tuner... it can summon dandylion, sasuke samurai and king of the swamp) •1x dandylion (tokens for tribute summon or synchro. can be used for black rose dragon effect) •2x sasuke samurai (our anti-flip effect) •3x king of the swamp •2x dark magician •2x buster blader •3x skilled dark magician •1x skilled white magician •3x blizzard dragon •2x goblin attack force (nice attack poits + work well with prohibited chalice)

•1x command silence •3x polymerization •3x forbiden chalice (our anti-monster effect spell) •1x reinforcement of the army) •1x mystical space typhoon •2x emblem of dragon destroyer •1x swords of revealing light •3x mallet of luck (what can be better to find royal decree or fusion materials etc) •3x lightning vortex •2x pot of avarice •1x future fusion

•2x royal decree •2x trap stun (royal decree for 1 turn)

extra deck •6\7\8 level dragon synchro monsters

•and ofcouse Dark Paladin.

also good cards: •white stone of legend with blue eyes white dragon (problem - what to do with blue eyes dragon...) •harmony tresure (problem - not enoung dragon tuner monsters without white stone of legend) •the creator with the creator incarnate (problem - too man high level monsters)

My Current Dark Paladin Deck

This is the Current Dark Paladin Deck that im Running

3 Apprentice Magician 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior 3 Buster Blader 3 Dark Magician 3 Dark Magician Girl 2 Injection Fairy Lily 1 Marshmallon 1 Old Vindictive Magician 3 Skilled Dark Magician

1 Heavy Storm 1 Lightning Vortex 3 Magical Dimension 1 Mystical Space Thgjkgjhgu6t

My own Dark paladin Deck

Mine focuses on Summoning Dark Paladin, but also using other fusions and synchros for extra help, and summoning monsters from the raveyard. If anyone wants, they can help me make this better.

Monsters: Dark Magician x 2, Buster Blader x 2, The Dark - Hex Sealed Fusion x 2, Skilled Dark Magician x 1, Skilled White Magician x 1, Gorz The Emissary of Darkness x 1, The Wicked Eraser x 1, Choas Command Magican x 1, Maiden of Macabre x 1, Breaker The Magical Warrior x 1, Hearald of Creation x 1, Spear Cretin x 1 , Marauding Captain x 1, Rapid Fire Magician x 1, Elemental Hero Sparkman x 1, King of The Swamp x 1, Sunny Pixie x 1 , Hanewata x 1, Frequency Maigican x 2, The Creator Incarnate x 1, The Creator x 1,

Spells: Double Summon x 1, Different Dimension Capsule x 2, De-Fusion x 1, Soul Exchange x 1, Diffusion Wave-Motion x 1, Lightning Vortex x 1, Fusion Sage x 1, Magical Dimension x 1, Monster Reincarnation x 1, Ribbon of Rebirth x 1, Swords of Revealing Light x 1, The Shallow Grave x 1 , Polymerization x 1,

Traps: Mirror Force x 1, Raigeki Break x 1, Karma Cut x 1 , Battle Mania x 1, Cloning x 1, Meteor Flare x 1 , Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x 1, Rainbow Life x 1 , Metalmorph x 1 , Negate Attack x 1, Call of The Earthbound x 1,

Fusions/Synchro: Dark Paladin, Elemental Hero Shinging Flare Wingman, Elemental Hero Shinging Phoenix Enforcer, Choas Goddess, Tempest Magician,

Side Deck: Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Choas Sorcerer, Blast Magician, Royal Magical Library, Dark Magician, Magical Blast, Spell of Pain, Dark Magic Attack, Mystic Plasma Zone, Cold Wave, Shadow Spell, Waboku, Magic Drain, Miracle Restoring, Level Conversion Lab.

Dark paladin

i've had this Dark paladin Deck for a while now and i've changed it alot, making it keep up with resent cards that come out, it hasn't ben beaten alot. I can make a Dark Paladin with a potenial 8900 ATk just from his effect. All my decks are usally fifty cards, or less. I know eveyone says fourty but i like fifty better. it's most always 25 monsters, 12/13 spells, and 12/13 traps.


1.Dark Magician, kiss my ass 2.Buster Blader,

3.The Creator,

4.Felgrand Dragon,

5.Tyrant Dragon, mother f****r 6.Choas Command Magician,

7.Choas Sorcerer,

8.Sorcerer of Dark Magic,

9.Skilled Dark Magician,

10.Skilled White Magician,

11.The Creator Incarnate, p.s your pinis is tiny batty boy it's bruno lol hey smd,smc, 12.King of The Swamp, fma 13/14.The Dark sex Sealed Fusion x2,

15.Frequency magician,

16.X-Saber Airbellum,

17/18.Magna Drago x2,

19/20.Luster Dragon x2,

21.Mirage Dragon,

22.Breaker The Magical Warrior,

23.Twin-Headed Behemoth,

24.Herald of Creation,

25.Marauding Captain,


1.Double Summon my penis in attack,

2.The Shallow Gravei pissed on a grave,

3.Differnt Dimension vagina,

4.Swords of Revelaing balles,

5.Big Bang sex, change,

7.gender Fusion,

8.Lightning Vortex,

9.Mystik Wok,

10.Junk Barrage,

11.Ribbon of Rebirth,



1.Battle Mania, tape Cut,

3.Rainbow Life,

4.Call of The vagina,

5.Cloning my ass,

6.Scrap-Iron Scarecrow,

7.Negate her balles your gay,


9.Mirror Force,

10.Call of The Haunted,



1.Dark Paladin,

2.Five-Headed Dragon,

3.Thought Ruler Archfiend,

4.Red Dragon Archfiend,

5.Black Rose Dragon,

6.Black-Winged Dragon

Dark Paladin Deck

Hey everyone here's my Dark Paladin deck.

Fusion:Dark Paladin x3

Monsters: x18

Kuriboh x1 King of the Swamp x3 Sangan x1 Morphing Jar x1 Dark Magician of Chaos x1 Skilled Dark Magician x3 Dark Magician x2 D.D. Warrior Lady x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior x1 Mask of Drakness x1 Buster Blader x3

Spells x19

Monster Reincarnation x1 Shield Crush x1 Scapegoat x1 Double Summon x1 Smashing Ground x1 Polymerization x2 Mage Power x1 Card Destruction x1 Mystic Plasma Zone x1 Lightning Vortex x1 Star Blast x1 Swords of Revealing Light x1 Dimensionhole x1 Different Dimension Capsule x1 Confiscation x1 Enemy Controler x1 Wave Motion Cannon x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Traps x15

Draining Shield x1 Divine Wrath x1 Dust Tornado x1 Lightforce Sword x2 Straight Flush x1 Ceasefire x1 Widespread Ruin x1 Magic Cylinder x1 Windstorm of Etaqua x1 Dark Mirror Force x1 Security Orb x1 Threatening Roar x1 Dark Spirit of the Silent x1 Call of the Haunted x1

Feel free to copy my deck and add variations. :)

Remove some of the less important spells,like those that do not directly pertain to quickly summoning Dark Paladin.replace them with powerful spells like Spell Power Grasp,Magical Citadel of Endymion,and Swords of Revealing Light.I would also replace some of the less useful monsters like Troop Dragon with copies of Spear Dragon,who you can get triples of quickly from Retro Pack 2.Lessen the Royal Decree,because if you can potentially summon another Paladin,the first getting killed isnt too big a deal.the above suggestion of Jinzo and Amplifier is a little expensive,but it is still one of the most dangerous combos in the game.If the idea is to overwhelm with Dark Paladin,then you should only worry about monster effects.To stop your opponent's monster effects,you could sidedeck Divine Wrath as a backup plan,but the best ideas are spells that do the same thing.This way,you can provide the dark magician and buster blader summoners with vital spell counters to cover your basses if paladin 1 dies.although i cant remember exact examples at the moment,there are a number of spells that negate monster effects when the selected monster attacks.Flip effects are the most dangerous,because you cant really predict them effectivly.Sorry about the essay,but i figured id pass on my wisdom on one of my favorite cards.

guys, i dont understand why u guys don't run elemental hero prisma or future fusion. These cards are too good let them pass by. They speed up the deck a lot and the way I built the deck, i also ran swing of memories for dark magician. It helps recycling very easily. You guys also seem to utilize dark paladin just to be a big beater, but if u lock them down quick enough with proper defense, u wouldn't need a giant beater to help go for an otk,

== another deck that works? == by me moo23

main deck X-saber Pashuul x1 Seven Tools of The Bandit x1 Reasoning x1 Dark Armed Dragon x1 Tuned Magician x1 Sagan x1 Polymerization x2 Bottomless Trap Hole x1 Magic Cylinder x2 Obsidian Dragon x1 Black Horn of Heaven x1 Dark Magician x2 Supay x2 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Book of Moon x1 Valkyre of The Nordic Ascent x1 Buster Blader x2 Mirror Force x1 Sakuretsu Armor x2 Cyber Dragon x2 Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher x1 Destiny Hero- Plasma x1 Breaker The Magical Warrior x1 Future Fusion x1 Oricle of The Sun x1 Old Vincive Magician x1 Swift Scarecrow x1 Flamevell Magician x2 Zoma The Spirit x3 king of The Swamp x2 Van'dalkyon The Dark Dragon Lord x1 The Dark Creator x1 Dark Illusion x1 Mirical Syncro Fusion x2 Revoke Fusion x1 Fire Ant Ascator x2 Darknight Parshath x1 Newdoria x1 side deck Dark Paladin x2 Supreme Arcanite Magician x2 Gaia Drake, The Universal Force x1 Sun Dragon Inti x1 Gaia Knight, The Force of The Earth x1 Red Nova Dragon x1 Explosive Magician x1 Stardust Dragon x1 Ancient Fairy Dragonx 1 Destiny End Dragoon x1 Red Dragon Archfiend x1 Moon Dragon Quilla x1 Odin, Father of The Aesr x1- Ghost Rare

Dark Paladin blue eyes hybrid

monsters x21

dark magician x2
buster blader
blue eyes white dragon x3
white stone of legend x3
maiden with eyes of blue x2
redox, dragon ruler of boulders
debris dragon
king of the swamp x2
card trooper x2
morphing jar
gemini elf x2
magical examplar

spells x17
polymerization x2
emblem of the dragon destroyer x2
one for one
dragon shrine x2
trade-in x2
cards of consonance x2
wonder wand x2
sacred sword of the seven stars
d.d.r-different dimension reincarnation
spellbook of wisdom x2
traps x2
call of the haunted x2
extra deck
dark paladin x2
blue eyes ultimate dragon
scrap dragon
stardust dragon 
black rose dragon
crimson blader
ally of justice
gaia knight the force of earth
azure eyes silver dragon
thunder end dragon
queen dragun djinn
diamond dire wolf
number 39: utopia
(Westcoast Pancake (talkcontribs) 02:04, February 12, 2014 (UTC))

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